Is there really a box shortage?

  1. I think I read here that it's impossible to get bags in box calf these that true? I'm eager to get a black box kelly with GH, and wondering if it's really impossible?
  2. My SA hinted that it would be a LONG wait on a black box, I guess "long" could mean anything, but when I asked "over 2 years"?, she just shrugged. Sorry this is not more helpful.
  3. this is what I fear. I know someone who's been waiting almost a year already...
  4. My local store had what looked like 2 box Plume. A black one and a Rouge H one, I think. Plus some smaller bags like Jige, etc. Maybe it's just the larger, more popular bags like Birkins & Kellys that are a problem?
  5. ^^Possibly. But I was able to place an SO for a 35 box Birkin last month, so, maybe the end of the shortage is in sight.
  6. maybe I'll be able to get one during my next trip to Paris
  7. I asked recently and was told that no, they have seen a few coming in here and there. Perhaps it was given a little rest the last year to perk interest in it back up. As soon as people notice something is not so easily available, then they all want it suddenly lol.
  8. That's probably true! we do all want what we can't have. Much as I love my birkins for themselves, I can't deny part of the allure is the thrill of the feels so lucky when one actually gets to buy one!
  9. My local H had smaller Kellys (25cm) in box.
  10. I see more box now then ever before at my local store..
  11. do you see black box kellys???
  12. How about a vintage black Box Kelly? I was able to purchase a gorgeous one from a reputable dealer at a fantastic price and I ADORE it!

    In fact, there was a stunning one on eBay recently.....28cm black Box with palladium (I know you want gold) for a VERY reasonable price and I think that one went to a lucky lady on this forum....I think! At least, I hope so!!!!
  13. Actually, I think if you are dead-set on buying one new from the store it may be a long wait from what I understand.....
  14. Also saw a box Kelly (rouge vif?), not sure of size, at my local H boutique
  15. No... many browns....