Is There or Will There Ever be a Damier BH?

  1. Does anyone know? I think the combination of the damier style and the red interior with the bh silhouette would be amazing.

    Does anyone know if this is available or will be in the future? :drool:
  2. Dang, I'd sign up if that ever happened but I don't know the scoop!
  3. With the damier neverfull and hampstead, it seems very unlikely that LV would ever release a damier batignolles, although it's getting to the point where you might be able to SO it soon.
  4. You may eventually be able to SO it (the standard 2 years will be up at the end of the year). However, look how long it took them to make a Damier Speedy...quite a few years and many SO's later.
  5. I am not sure if I would like the damier BH???
  6. When I was thinking about SO'ing one in dam, my SA said that I could and was actually going to take my info but I actually backed out at the last minute. At least from what the store manager said in my area, they can now be SO'd.