Is there only One shade of BEIGE for chanel medium?

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  1. I thought I love the chanel flap in beige color although I've only seen them from pictures and videos online. Today I actually saw one in person and bought it home. I hate to admit this but I'm not as thrill as I thought I would be with the color. It seems more of a tan to me than a beige but the box and reciept labeled it as "beige". Are there more than one shade of beige? Like light beige and dark beige when it comes to chanel medium caviar flap? Or was it the lighting from the computer screen made them seems a little lighter? I do prefer a tad bit lighter.
    I dont hate it, i do love it. But at the same time i cant help but feeling a little disapointed. To spend $4,900 plus tax on an item, I hate this feeling.

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  2. Chanel often releases Classic Flaps in different, seasonal shades of beige. They also have their classic "beige claire" color, which was recently discontinued as a standard color available year round and is now only available seasonally. This particular bag appears to be the classic "beige claire". If you are disappointed now, you should probably return it and hold out for a beige that works for you. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Would it label as "beige clair" or just "beige"? Because on the box and receipt it only said "beige". Do you have any idea when the next new beige color come out? The SA said their previous beige flap came in six months ago, so should I expect a different shade of beige every six month?
  4. Chanel discontinued beige clair recently and the beige ones in store now are just "beige". However, members here and several SA have already confirmed that this season's beige is same as the previously discontinued beige clair. I think another member posted that due to the leather (rigid) on beige, it may look slightly darker to some.
  5. Sorry...I'm not sure if the label would reflect "beige claire" or just "beige"...hopefully someone else can chime in on that. As for other beiges coming out soon, check out the threads below for Fall Act I (hitting stores now) and Fall Act II. They should have some lists from the different stores on the colors for the upcoming seasons.
  6. I am in minority here but I'm not fan of the Beige Claire. It looks like a Manila folder to me. I passed and found nude flap that I just love. I would say to return and wait for the neutral flap that makes your heart beat rapidly. Nothing worse than a 5k bag you don't love
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  7. I don't really mind the color now, I just realized part of the reasons I love the ones i saw online are because most of them are lambskin. I love the smooth puffy look but I only can go with cavier because I'm kinda rough with them
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  8. I have a number of Chanel's but have never taken to their beige, they did a taupe a few seasons ago but I missed it. I have yet to find the perfect neutral classic flap for me. It may be my colouring, I am not sure but I don't have any leather bags I this beige shade...
  9. The beige that's pictured online everywhere that you referred to is "light beige" which is the name thats used on the tag also. If yours just says "beige" than it probably is a darker shade.
  10. Here's mine in beige Clair (light beige). My tag says light beige. And to answer your question, no there are many many different colors that get marked as "beige" on the tags and really are a dark beige, taupe or other neutral color but still gets labeled as beige.

  11. Gorgeous bag! Did u keep or return it? If kept, how do you like it so far? Any issues with colors transfer?