Is there only one BLUE color of epi?

  1. I am really confused! Sometimes people only use BLUE, sometimes Toledo BLUE, and sometimes myrtille BLUE! Are they the same blue? What kind of blue is used in SOUFFLOT?

    Thank you in advance!:graucho:
  2. there are 2 blues. the toledo blue is the old blue and is discontinued. you won't find it on any of the current bags.

    the myrtille blue is the newer of the blue but even this color is kind of on its way out too.

    the soufflot is the myrtille blue which has more of a gray undertone. the toledo is brighter.

  3. Yup, exactly. I tend to prefer the Myrtille. :yes:
  4. Thank you guys so much! I hope someday I could have comparable collection as you have!

    From the picture, Toledo blue look brighter and more of a eye catcher! Myrtille blue is more of a classical color! Both of them are pretty!
  5. The Soufflot also comes in Toledo blue. Both blue are now discontinued.

  6. The toledo is very pretty blue, lighter that myrtille, which means blueberry, which descibes myrtille perfectly ;)

    I will see if I can dig up a pic of my toledo speedy
  7. You mean this is a Toledo blue? It does not look that bright....oh god, I can't trust my eyes:crybaby:

    I love epi a lot, could someone give me a list of a complete epi color, including discontinued ones? Thanks a million!
  8. Here is my Toledo blue speedy 35, with aurelia GM and mini pochette for size.

  9. twinkle.tink, I can't see the pic....

    35, you must like big bag!
  10. No that one is myrtille
  11. Now I can see it, so beautiful! It is really big, and definitely an eye catcher!
  12. I have soufflot in myrtille BLUE. :graucho:
  13. I love the blue epi.