Is There One Remaining Bag or Scarf That Would Complete Your Collection???

  1. I'll start: with the recent acquisition of my BARENIA HAC:heart::heart:, I think my collection will be finally complete after my 2005 PO comes in (if ever), a vert bronze 32 HAC, or lieu of that, a 35 vert bronze Birkin. I'm absolutely sure that will be it!!! Except if I find a 31 web bolide in gold swift....then, that's IT!!!!!!

    How about you??? (S'Mom, please skip to the next thread!!!!;))
  2. Totally complete with my 30cm Noisette:heart::yes:
  3. Nope - I imagine there will always be something lovely that I will need in my collection :yes:
  4. I could start and finish my collection with a raisin clemence Lindy.
  5. Ditto!
  6. LMAO!!!!!!

    welllllll.....*S'mom rubbing her hands together*.....honestly, I think I might just be about done. :p Except if a matte croc 28cm Kelly happens to find its way to my doorstep....:yes:

    And I can't seem to stop with these vintage scarves.......
  7. My collection seems to be completing itself, the past few weeks! LOL!

    One black lizard or croc clutch, and I'm done.
  8. :true:

    (Really, who would believe me if I even tried to say that I only need one more!)
  9. Um...... Nobody!!

  10. A black togo 35 cm birkin, gold hardware.

    My collection is very small, but this would complete it.

    And, I'll probably spend my whole life trying to chase it down...
  11. Just a week ago I was almost sure I was done, then I saw something and thought, hmmmm a Kelly in this color and leather would be nice. I shocked myself when I thought that. So I guess...I am afraid to name just one bag.
    I'd love a couple of clutches, and maybe one light neutral Kelly 28. Can't be specific, as I'm always willing to be surprised and fall in love at first sight with something unexpected.
  12. Nope. I'm not gonna lie! :lol:
  13. Just one? No.
    Just two dozen? Maybe.

    Nah, who am I kidding?
  14. Baggaholic said she was done over a year ago.
    S'Mom said the same thing recently.
    But were they? Would you be? NEVER.

    Sorry, dear. Love you lots, but you are ADDICTED to H. Not that anything is wrong with that!

    (Hey, wouldn't that make a great blog name? "ADDICTED TO H" Let's not tell our local law enforcement agency about it though, lest they get the wrong idea!)
  15. A special order that I'm thinking of placing at the podium next year. ;)