Is there one bag that you wished you would not have let go?

  1. For the longest time I have been itching to get my hands on a Luco Tote! I had it in my hands at the store in Atlanta a couple years ago and chose the MM Croissant Bag instead!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? I have looked everywhere for one and I am so worried about eBay and the dishonest people out there. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good honest place to find a gentle used authentic Luco Tote?
  2. Try let-trade, he's great - if he doesn't have one listed, just email him, I'm sure he'll be able to find one for you.

    And my bag of regret definitely has to be anything from the cerises line.. this was way before my bag mania and I wasn't quite sure if it was worth it.. :push: IT WAS !
  3. And let trade bags are authentic? I am really nervous about buying from someone that I don't know! Where do the bags come from that he resells? TIA!!! sorry for all the questions!!
  4. Let-Trade is a great seller of authentic bags. Just ask about odors though.

    As far as regrets, I'm sorry I gave away my Drouot.
  5. why do his bags stink badly? If so like what?
  6. The riveting bag from last year, and wish I had found this site earlier. If I had known about the Le miroir handbags would of grabbed one from one of the boutiques in my area
  7. Hong Kong is very humid, so the use of moth balls is very popular.. lots of buyers have reported success in ridding of odors from the bags though.
  8. I never had any problem at all either with odors, and I've bought several bags from authentic_lvlady and never had any odor, but some people are really sensitive to it and have had complaints. I too think it's pretty easy to rid the bags of the smell of moth balls by airing them out, but I know some people who have really really sensitive noses say it's a problem. You can just ask though first. They take bags on consignment so if the person they got it from stored it that way, there might be a smell. I have not heard of any problem though on a whole with Let-Trade. They have some great bags.
  9. I miss my white MC speedy.. however, the sale funded my Tag Heuer watch.. so I can't complain... but I still miss her, she had the perfect color combo... :sad:
  10. White MC sologne. now discontinued:crybaby:
  11. Way too many to mention...
  12. yup, my Cerises Speedy. I sold it to fund a Chanel. I miss the little smiling faces!!! But as much as I miss it, I never used it, so it's alright. I do want to get it again sometime, though. Luckily I'm a huge fan of 2nd hand bags!