is there nothing cuter than this chloe keychain?

  1. Oh isn't that darling?! I want one too! BUY IT!!!!
  2. Yes, I am also dying over it. They have it on, too, and I think one of the colors is only like $110 and the other $160 (they have black and white). It is insanely adorable.
  3. Look under Chloe Sale on NM sale search engine. They have a very nice key chain at half off. I love it. Very HOT.
  4. awww, it's calling out for you because you've just lost your keychain, and you def. need a new one ;) you should get it. it looks very cute and adorable
  5. I think you should get it, take a photo and then post it on here so we can all see what it looks like and then run out and buy one too!!!
  6. Awww, the baby padlock is so adorable! :girlsigh:

  7. you girls are evil! i can't afford that keychain! i can barely afford keys!

  8. LOL you'll be selling your first born to buy purses if you stay on this board!:devil:
  9. I saw that. It really is just adorable. :love:
  10. oh's so cute!
    moreover the taupe, it would match my taupe paddy:p

    go get this cutie daniela!:smile:
  11. I just ordered this! Hope it's as cute as the pic!
    $108!! :yahoo:
  12. awwwww i want one too, i just can't justify paying that much for a keychain (must save up for purses, after all :sweatdrop:).... but i am loving the pics!!!
  13. So cute.
  14. I saw that keychain at NM too. It's adorable!