Is there no love on the H forum.....

  1. ...for the Trim?

    I've been a member of this forum for more than a year, and there has been a reveal at least every other day on the H forum. Of course the majority are Birkins, HACs and Kellys with the Bolide also being a popular choice.

    For a more casual look members buy either Evelyns or Massais, and these are both shoulder bags.

    But I've only seen members show off their purchase of a Trim less than a handful of times. Even SAs are of the opinion that the Trim is not a very popular bag.

    Honestly (and this was after another member's thread a few days ago) is the Trim a less popular bag? Do people feel it is too casual? Too old fashioned?

    I'd like to hear opinions on this......
  2. I don't particularly care for the Trim. I'm not sure why!
  3. Merika,

    The Trim II was the first H bag I purchased. It really is an uber casual bag that look great with jeans and such. I do plan on purchasing another one at some point. Mine is currently 35 cm and very big. I'd love a Trim 1 in 31 cm.

    The Gucci Jackie O bag is still a mainstay in their collections, so I don't see why the Trim which is similar is old fashioned in anyway.

    The only negative I have for the Trim is that stuff tends to get lost in it due to its size for me....
  4. merika, I think the trim is a nice bag. :smile: But since I'm working my up to afford a Bolide, the trim just doesn't do it for me. If I was able to afford multiple H bags in my lifetime, maybe I would get one. The ones I've seen here on the board have been pretty. :smile:
  5. I really like the two trim's I have. I have a trim I and a trim II and prefer the trim II (rouge H). I will take the trim II on business trips all the time becaus I love a shoulder bag and it is unobtrusive and has a zipper top so it is secure. I think these bags are "unsung" but fab.
  6. I like the trim 11 very much. I had one in barenia and canvas. I'm very sad I sold it....I wish I still had it! It's a very comfortable shoulder bag
  7. I really like the Trim (not sure the diff between I and II, though :push:smile:. It's definitely on my long-term list -- a Trim in clemence or togo, in a bright red or BJ or maybe raisin :love:
  8. I considered the Trim. It's a terrific looking bag and is quite comfortable, and it's price point is sure better than a Kelly or a Birkin. But it looked to much like a lot of other bags to me to justify paying what is still a lot of money for a handbag. I wanted something more distinctly Hermes for my money.
  9. I like the lines of the Trim but it doesn't stay on my shoulder. I've tried Clemence, Chevre, Barenia and Epsom and none really stayed on comfortably. I do think it is a sleek and nice looking bag on others that pull it off.
  10. I love my Trim II 35cm. In Clemence, it molds nicely to my body, holds quite a bit while having a nice slim profile and is not as difficult to get into as the Massai.
  11. I'm learning to love the Trim! Every time I see a pic of one, I love it! I just don't own one! In fact, I don't own a SINGLE "H" bag at the mo (and probably won't for a few more years!).

    I hope there is love for the Trim, as I might own one someday!
  12. Merika-
    I had briefly spoken with my SA about the Trim. It was a short conversation and I had not given it anymore thought. Until...... you started this thread. I just went back to the reference section and took another look at the Trim I and the Trim II. I really like the way some of the PFers had cadenas on their bag, it made it a little more Hermes to me. Many of the bags posted were very pretty but the one that caught my attention and that I would give major consideration to is the pic posted by AuthenticLux. The Trim II in Rouge H, Clemence. Beautiful! I think the Trim is a very nice looking understated yet classy bag.
  13. merika, i like the trim but never bought one. don't know why...maybe an SA said it was too mumsieish looking for me and i said ok....i think it looked great on jackie o though! and what's wrong with mumsies anyway LOL???
    nothing in my book. but, just never went there. i'd like to get my paws on a crinoline and barenia one (hint hint santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  14. I am ITA with Penny about adding the cadena. When I first got my Trim last year (the 35cm version of AL's) I put the small Pegasus on it and the extra bit of hardware really added an extra bit of something to the bag. I love it.
  15. I have this exact bag...even use the heart charm on it, too! It's really a fave!