Is there no LOVE for Sky Blue 08?

  1. I see so few of this colour mentioned. I heard about fading of this colour of the past years. There is also not much pictures in the reference. I love how cheery sweet this blue is & I am not even a BLUEs person though I love EB a whole lot. I saw a Twiggy @ BalSG earlier today & it did not move me. I love the GGH PT lots though. I think there is a whole lot to love for this colour. Is there no love for it around here? :girlsigh:
  2. Oh absolutely!! I bought the Sky Blue City with GSH and it is just gorgeous! It has great leather too. And, I might add that I do have an EB City with RH and love it too. But I do hope and pray it doesn't fade. I wouldn't like that at all.
  3. you read my mind pinkboudoir! i was thinking of a starting a similar thread but i didn't get the chance to take a pic of my sky blue city .. it seems i'm one of the few people who actually like sky blue .. its a really nice shade of blue but its not selling hmmm
  4. Oh goodness, I absolutely LOVE the Sky Blue! To me it is the prettiest of all the blues, except maybe the EB which I love too. But the Sky Blue is in a class all it's own.
  5. I've seen the sky blue in person, it strikes me as a sweet colour, very SPRING :smile: think I would love a Twiggy in Sky Blue!
  6. But come on, don't just say you have it - POST PICS! :p:nuts:
  7. YES YES YES!!! Pictures please, flood this thread with all your sky blues!!!
  8. Sure there is! I'm just not into very light colored bags, so I ordered an SGH coin purse! Will post pics when she arrives :yes:
  9. I love Sky Blue! I really wasn't expecting to, because I have never been that crazy about the '05 Sky Blue, but this one is so saturated and lovely! I went back and forth on whether to buy a Hobo in Sky Blue or Magenta and ended up deciding on Magenta, but I couldn't get Sky Blue out of my head, so a few weeks later I ordered a Sky Blue Courier, which I am really, really excited for.
  10. Cheshire! You have been quitely upgrading your collection! We need to see pics, dear!
  11. i love sky blue, wanted to get one, but i found my HG, a teal work from 05, so i passed the sky blue, which is pretty much the same shade of blue.
    but i saw one amazing sky blue day, loved the leather so much. yummy.
  12. i love the color of sky blue :yes: i am surprised i havent seen more pics posted of it... maybe it'll end up like vert d'eau where ladies were not too thrilled with it when it initally came out, but now lots of people are looking for it?
  13. it's a Yes (in a way).

    back before the 08 pre-collection colours were to arrive, i emailed AR for notification of 08 SB only. i never asked to be notified for the colour of the season/year - EB. then, before it arrived, i came across 06 Cornflower. i kinda prefer the 06 for its slight dusty tones, so i passed up the 08 SB. afterwards, some members have compared 08 SB to 06 Cornflower. worked out for me this way ;)
  14. it's a beautiful shade though leather for sky blue this season varies a fair bit. I bought a SB RH City for my sister and it looks so smooth and swooshy. A couple of days later I saw a twiggy and it had the driest leather i have seen on a bal bag (may have to do with the shop's airconditioning). so it's kinda a hit and miss
  15. ^yeah all the sky blues i have seen have very dry leather :sad: while the EB's are fabulous!