Is there no hope?

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  1. ... to find an apple green first / twiggy / city or work? :crybaby:
  2. There is always hope:flowers: But since it's a colour from 2005 I think your best bet is eBay or consignment shops.

    Happy hunting!
  3. That is such a cool color, but I haven't seen hardly anything in it. Try - she can put you on a wishlist and let you know when she gets what you want. I've bought two bags from her and she's awesome - much better than e**y!
  4. Also Ann's Fabulous Finds :tup:

    Good luck!!
  5. I was hunting for this exact bag this time last year, paid a fortune to find that it wasn't for me. Good luck!
  6. hinge, suzzeee, hmwe, jade, shasta thanks for the tip and links!

    AG is my HG but i am not too sure if i can afford the price on evilbay. :hysteric:
  7. argghhhH! someone else just nicked it! just great :cursing:
  8. It was really expensive. I thought there was one in mint condition that sold for cheaper a few months ago but I could be mistaken. This is a huge premium.
  9. true... but of all the colours this seems to be the hardest to come by. the SO said next time just BIN it and worry about the cost later.

    now i am just hoping something will show up soon before i succumb to retail therapy and spend all my money on ss08 colours
  10. I love RDC but they're not cheap once they put theyre mark up, but beautiful bags all the same!
  11. I saw a Day here!!! Not what you originally wanted but maybe you can get a Day now & hunt a City/Twiggy/First or Work later?