Is there no end............

  1. That's it. I'm so done with eBay. I've had no end of spam and scammers recently. Tonight takes the biscuit though. Some slimey git just emailed me to ask me if I can supply him with bags like the one I've listed, only cheaper, wholesale, despite the fact that my bag is clearly genuine, and I clearly state that the stuff I sell is from my own personal collection. I'm so sick of the slimey miserable scumbags who are always on the make, if it's not this, it's people making ridiculous offers and the constant spam you get. Selling high end stuff on eBay just really isn't worth the hastle. It's a side of life that just makes me sick. It's actually putting me off owning expensive things in the first place.
  2. I agree, if I get one more email in poor English from a Chinese seller telling me about their websites I will scream. And then yesterday I got an email from this girl who demanded photos of the zipper pull on my bag and made me a really low offer for my Chanel bag. She said she would never pay a lot for it but would want it to knock around campus. What an insult and how insensitive can you be? Oh yes, I am just dying to sell my Chanel to her for a cheap price so she can have it to knock around!
  3. ^^^are you boring now? :roflmfao: Just delete them.
  4. O.K. so not only do we have to deal with obnoxious Ebayers, we have to deal with you telling us we are boring?
  5. Yeah that'll work. That'll really clean eBay up.
  6. Never, ever even think about giving up expensive things. You have a fine appreciation for such things, don't let them ruin that for you!
  7. I know how you feel!
  8. I just wish ebay would do something about it. There are clearly holes in security all over the place - a lot of it comes from hacked accounts - why can't they have spam filters in place?

    Still, they can't account for prats like I've had this week. I'm losing my faith in humanity, I really am!
  9. Oh, welcome to my life... when I sell bags im not scared of the obnoxious buyers, but of all the Chinese spammers with their fake sites!
  10. I wasn't offending you. I guess you don't get the same spam that I do. They always start off with "are you boring now?" It wasn't meant against you. I apologize if you didn't understand the joke.

    Just so you know, those are computer generated. That's why you get the same email over and over by different IDs.
  11. The ones I always get are 'My Friend'. I'm not your chuffing friend! I know I shouldn't get so wound up, but it really gets my goat. That slimbag tonight really offended me, basically assuming that my stuff was fake.
  12. I feel same with you, curlsaloud :cursing: I always feel I wanna kick or %$##@8 them :push:
  13. Aw Curls - sorry you are having so many probs, you have such great things too.

    Maybe just have a wee break from it and go back later as I agree with you its just not worth all the hassle and stress.

    Hope you eventually have some luck from real genuine people soon
  14. :yes: . Good advice and I too am wishing you well. I too got really worn down by Ebay towards the end of last year and stepped away completely. I tentatively returned after a few months and now only sell when I am feeling robust and there is nothing else stressful or distracting going on in my life. Hugs xx
  15. I think you girls have hit the nail on the head - I'm a Masters student at the mo and I've got enough stress in my life with papers and exams. Think I'll take a break until the exams are over.

    Thanks for letting me vent anyway :biggrin: