Is there more room in a monogram ludlow than a vernis ludlow

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  1. I am thinking about purchasing a ludlow, and has totally fallen for the new amarante vernis.
    But I am wondering whether there is less room in a vernis ludlow (and/or epi) than a monogram?
    I have read some threads about the cles where it doesn't hold nearly as much as a monogram. Is that the same for ludlow?
  2. I think the Epi and Vernis are the smallest but there isn't really THAT much difference.
    Here are the measurements from elux:

    Epi: 3.9" L x 3.1" H
    Monogram: 3" x 4"
    Damier: 3 1/8" x 3 7/8"
    Vernis: 3.9"x 3.1"
  3. Thanks - but I was more thinking about how much it holds. Sorry if I didn't explain myself right... ;)
    I am wondering whether the monogram will get a little softer and therefore holds a little more.

    By the way - is the shining surface of the vernis likely to crack, when used?