Is there life without a black bbag?


Live with or without a black bbag

  1. I have a black bag

  2. I have a black bag but don't use it as much as I thought I would

  3. I don't have a black bag, but wish I did

  4. I don't have a black bag, and I don't miss it

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  1. I know from reading many threads that not everyone has a black bbag, but it certainly seems like most do. For those of you who do not own black, do you ever feel like you are missing one? What do you substitute?
  2. I just bought my first black bag EVER...a City. I have always stuck to neutrals, beiges, browns and blues because they seemed to suit me more since I am a very casual dresser. But Black is definitely my favorite color now....edgy and chic. I can't think of anything black won't go with!
  3. I have to agree with deb- I have a black first, and it's one of my faves, even though it's "just" an 06. But really, there's something so edgy about black, and it's so classic bal. I swoon everytime I look at it. At the same time, I exchanged my black city for a mogano city, and I don't miss it at all. BUT I can say I love my black first more than my mogano city, even though the first was purchased pre-loved. Does any of that make sense??
  4. My first bbag was a black city - and it's the only one I kept. For me, the only bbag I need is a black bbag ;)
  5. yes sunny, I think it does. It sounds like you are loving the black in the first style, and maybe black in the other styles doesn't have the same impact for you. Actually, I always drool when I see some of those early black firsts and I also think they are so rock and roll. But I know the first doesn't work for me. It is too small.
  6. i didnt get a black bbag for a while b/c i thought it might be 'boring', until i saw one a black city at NM and couldnt believe how beautiful it was. now i have one and i use it alot more than my other bbags... honestly, i could get rid of all my other bbags and be happy with just my black city (...and maybe a black first and work :p). but yeah, i can see why some ladies have different styles in black and no other colors - it's just easy b/c it goes with everything, and moreso you dont have to worry about getting it dirty.
  7. I have enough black bags from other brands and I don't think I'll ever get a black bbag:p The whole point of getting bbags for me at least is so I can try other colors:smile:
  8. LOL Well in that case I think I have started my collection pretty badly :upsidedown: I have yet to get a black bbag!
    Though I am going to wait for both of my City and Work to come before I decide which size I would like to buy in black! :biggrin:
  9. I love the look of black bbag.....will buy one sometime this year hopefully.
  10. Hmmm, where's the option: I have a black bag and I want MORE of them.:p

    I have a Black City and I really want a Black First, too. I've never been much of a girl for black purses, but for some reason I really love black bbags
  11. My sis & I were having a similar convo the other day... but it had to do w/ all my handbags. I've seem to have collected all black bags w/ 1 dark brown (mogano). I've learned from the past.. that black/ brown bags are the easiest for me... and the ones I end up using the most. The ones I've contemplated using.. or used the least of.. have all been sold off. They're the easiest to take care of, all my black bags are different sizes, works with everything in my wardrobe.. :p.. in conclusion... I love black bags... a must have! :graucho:
  12. Yes, you're right, the first is my absolute fave style. It can be a bit small for me, but I actually like that it forces me to minimize what I lug around. I don't miss the city, but it's also my least fave style to use (although I love the look). I would be thrilled to have a black 05 city, but that's not a priority. I'm on the hunt for a work, and wouldn't mind that in black either- but again I'd prefer an 05, which is tough to come by. I guess ultimately, I just want one with gorgeous leather, year is less important.
  13. personally I couldn't live without black! In fact I have both a work and a city in black - typically this is the only color I would repeat in many styles. There's just something about black leather...esp balenciaga black leather!
  14. I have used my black bbags the MOST!
  15. I miss my BLACK CITY... geez, I hope she's going to be ok...had her since she came out in 06 but I used her nearly everyday... I think I'm an abuser :o(
    I can't wait to get my next BLACK b-bag... gonna try out a DAY and of course you've just gotta have a black FIRST in your b-bag collection!

    Black is always one of those safe colours! But then you just get hooked... I don't know what it is... maybe it's something they put in the leather?!