Is there life after handbags?

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  1. What do you do while on a ban?
  2. Well, I am on ban, but really don't want anything, so I am enjoying what I have!
  3. appreciate the bags i already have. that being said i am still unable to get very many bags so i never really have a need for a ban :P such is the life of a student.
  4. ^ Ditto.... ;)
  5. same:P or i get a less expensive obsession. this fall i was obsessed with china glaze nail polish and right now i am obsessed with head bands (from forever 21 mostly....):yes:
  6. Do you read more? find a new obsession? spend more time with your husband?
  7. Take the very few out that I have...admire, carry different one's. It is amazing how much use my bags get when I am unable to purchase MORE bags!!!

    The last time I did this, I found that there were a couple bags that I really didn't like/want anymore. So I sold them to fund a new bag!!! Worked out great for me!!!
  8. I moved out of the purse brand subforums on tPF and into the Playground (GD, Up to the Minute, Television, R&F, the Kitchen, Money talks and Travel). Lots of fun discussions going on all around tPF! :yes:
  9. I buy shoes!!!
  10. knitknitknitknitknitknitknitknit

    My knitting productivity increases nearly exponentially when I am not shopping! But then I buy yarn.
  11. ^^^oooh. watcha makin'?
  12. I just start using my other bags. Switch it up often, keeps things fun and new still. :yes:
  13. Ooh I did just buy 4 pairs of shoes... New dog toys and doggie beds, a new painting for the family room and going to an orchid show on Saturday....

    :confused1: gosh this ban is going to be expensive
  14. Cheap shoes! That look pricey of course! =)
  15. I'm trying to replace my shopping addiction with exercising! :smile: