Is there hope for this Kooba???

  1. While browsing e-Bay for 'distressed leather', I came across this listing for a Kooba. I'm tempted to bid on it, but damn - it looks plumb wore out.

    What do you guys think? Is this normal, or end-of-the-road?

    Item number
  2. Hi IndiaInk. The bag definitely has some wear on it, but the leather isn't TOO bad overall. The bag looks a bit worn as do the corners, though.

    Here's some pics of a new distressed Kooba so you can compare a used v. new bag.

    Personally, I LOVE that used, distressed leather but it's definitely not for everyone. You may want to get some other opinions over on the Kooba forum.
    KoobaRaisin.jpg KoobaRaisin2.jpg
  3. ^Thanks! The auction ended without any bids - I think I'll pass if it comes up again... I can handle 'distressed' but not that worn - I don't see how one can make distressed look better if it's worn out -
  4. Yeah...good thing. It looks way to worn in for me.