Is there going to be new de NF?

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  1. Do you guys know if the same thing that happened to mono NF is going to happen to de NF? The small pouch and new kind of interior? I'm thinking about buying de NF mm, so would you wait to see if a new de NF comes out?
  2. many of us have been told by sa's that the de nf will go the way of the mono. i actually prefer the current model because of the font inside on the lining. i purchased the de but actually returned it because i was afraid of cracking issues. just didn't want to deal with it. someone here just had it happen after 3 weeks. that would totally upset me so i returned it and got the speedy b 35 in de instead.. anyway, to answer your question, yes it looks like the de is also being replaced by the neo.
  3. Yes, my SA told me that both the DA and DE neverfulls will have pouches, but the interior colors will remain the same.
  4. yes my SA says whatever stock is still floating around in the DE and Azur neverfuls, is all that will be made, and next production will be with the pouch and another $200+ ticket price.
  5. So does that mean that the colour will be exact the same red and the pattern and the font the same?
  6. I don't like the new font and the stripes in new mono as much as the old ones. So I'm thinking is it smart to buy de NF before the new comes or should I get the new one? Any opinions?
  7. Were you meaning to ask someone else that question? My post means exactly what I said...that the de interior will remain red and the da interior will remain white. I didn't mention anything about pattern or font in my post. Sorry.
  8. I decided to get one today before the increase. I do not need the additional pouch when they redesign it. I figure I can put the money toward another item I would enjoy more.
  9. Oww, sorry, I just meant to ask if you would know about the pattern too, sorry :smile:
  10. I'm not sure about the font....I'm guessing it will change. My SA never paid attention to the font and said she would have never noticed! I bought a NF MM DE yesterday just in case...worried about the straps though. At least I got it before the price increase and have 14 days to think about it:smile:

  11. My SA told me that eventually all NF's will sport the new design, included pouch, and higher price tag. She also said that there have been discussions of phasing out the original speedy, or adding to it to increase the price. She said the goal of LV is to get rid of bags like the speedy and the NF that people call entry level bags and starter bags.
  12. Really?? I'm quite new to Lv so I don't even own a Speedy, yet. I think that sucks, it's good to have lower price starter pieces, thats how they get people hooked in Lv :smile:

    Thinking about when the regular NF de isn't there anymore and When there is a new NF, does it make the old NF to drop its value?
  13. I much prefer the original style font on the lining to the new one. It's much nicer, IMO.

    On another note, I can't believe that they would want to phase out the Speedy!

  14. On the contrary it might raise the value of the old NF because a lot of people prefer it, and since it won't be available people might pay more to get it...

  15. That's what I said, so I'm thinking they will add to it to make it more expensive!