Is there ever an instance when eBay would decide in favor of the seller?

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  1. I'm fairly new to selling on eBay and it's been going well but I just had my first case opened against me. I am nervous because I've heard that eBay almost always rules in favor of the buyer. I sold a pre-owned Tory Burch bag for about $50. It had some flaws, all of which were described in the listing and depicted in the photos. The buyer asked for a refund under the basis that the item was not as described. I asked her what about the bag wasn't as described and she said that she took it to a Tory Burch store and they told her that the handle had been repaired and that was never disclosed. I bought the bag brand new and never had the handle repaired and told her that but she opened a case against me anyway. I reused the refund so I'm assuming this will get escalated to eBay. I can't imagine them deciding in her favor but is there any reason that they would?
  2. Yes. They probably will because they just take the buyer's word for it.

  3. That's so frustrating! No wonder people get fed up with eBay...
  4. It is people who have made ebay the way it is. Too many sellers do not describe their items adequately and underdisclose the wear and damage. IMO this is the single biggest problem on ebay. And then on top of that there are the scammers who sell fakes - a big problem too but not as widespread as the underdisclosing.

    And yes this has made it hard for honest sellers who do describe their items accurately to win cases. But I do think getting hit with an unfair SNAD claim doesn't happen too often to the good sellers - you said yourself this was your first.
  5. I think it happens but the number of cases are in the minority, put it that way.

    As a classic example, a number of years ago I sold an item which had a 2" scratch on it. I disclosed (in writing) the 2" scratch and provided a very clear picture of it.

    On receipt, the buyer opened a "not as described" dispute. Why you might ask?

    Well here's the kicker ..... she was a reseller and bought it with a specific client in mind. The client objected to the scratch. So said reseller opened a dispute stating words to the effect of "I bought this for a client but my client has refused it because of the scratch so I'd like to return it for a refund." Did said reseller win her case? Yes, she did. Even though the scratch was disclosed, photographed and she stated she'd bought it to resell but couldn't sell it on in her dispute notes !! Had the client accepted the scratch and reseller had made a profit on the item then that case would never have been opened!
  6. Wow! Paypal is so messed up
  7. Wow! This is terrible.

    I'm now scared to list my designer bag on ebay. This is a high end expensive bag that has flaws which I was planning to photograph with a macro lens and fully disclose. However, with all these horror stories combined with the fact that ebay perpetually sides with buyers, I'm terrified to list it. Ugh!
  8. If this is a Hermes bag just don't do it. Try to find a consignor like Ann's Fabulous Finds or Yoogi's Closet to sell it for you. Seriously.
  9. Chanel seems to attract a lot of the ebay underbelly too.

  10. It is a Hermes bag which is why I am scared. I have debated listing it for weeks, but looks like I will be going the consignment route. I just hope I get decent quotes as it's a vintage bag (albeit one in demand).

  11. For an Hermes bag would consider either a consignment store or a list
    of approved resellers that should be on the forum.

    And whatever names you might come across, you may want to consider
    posting here on the forum for some feedback.

    Good luck
  12. Well eBay did indeed find in favor of the buyer this time. Here's the user ID if anyone wants to block her: penguin05.