Is there ever a sale on CHANEL???

  1. Hi girls - Is there ever a sale on Chanel? I've heard from some that say yes?
    Please tell me if 1. is true. and 2. where?
    Thank you so much.

    am absolutely obsessed with getting my hands on the reissue 2.55
  2. Yes, and it depends on where you live. It takes place in April, July and December, but you have to be on their VIP list to be invited. They are not usually opened to public.
  3. I think your question was answered in several threads previous, if you do a search that may shed some more light for you.
  4. ^Exactly what Jen wrote!
  5. the reissue will never be on sale. i would bet my life on it!
  6. Thank you all for your help. My nearest NM with Chanel is king of prussia (philadelphia)
  7. If you are a NM incircle member, you can use your points on the bag. Not really a sale, but does save you some money. :yes: