is there enough space?

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  1. is there enough space to get in and out of the bag if u don't totally unzip the gallery tote.i hope i am making sense, what i mean is if u open only till the zipper is and do not undo the zipper totally can u still put and take things out of it?
  2. Yep, you just have to be careful. When the zipper actually comes apart its a pain to put it back together :girlsigh:
  3. No kidding. Obviously designed by a man. ;)
  4. Actually, I prefer that kind of zipper in tote bags. For the most part, I leave my totes open so I can grab things easily and I like having the top completely open.
  5. I prefer leaving my totes open as well but if I am shopping or around a lot of people I take the time to zip them up. I've heard of people who reach into peoples open bags undetected to steal the wallet.
  6. I kinda like the broken zipper, it is sorta irritating to put back togather, but for the most part i leave it unzipped, but it is nice to know that if it is zipped it is secure enough the no one can see inside, but easy enough that if i wanted something- like a cell phine or wristlet or water bottle something, then i could pull it out with out undoing the zipper :smile:
    lol in short the answer is yes