Is there Damier Bag that looks like a speedy but

  1. has feet and handles to fit over the shoulder? I saw one this weekend and it looked just like a speedy except the longer handles and feet. Othere then that it looked very nice but wasn't sure if it was real?
  2. Hmmmm sounds like it could have been a fake.
  3. dont think the handles are long enough.
    unless the person bought a separate strap.
  4. was it the bowly?? It has longer strap, but I don't think it has feet
  5. having feet makes me think it's a fake....
  6. Fakey!
  7. ^^ yeah, same here...I don't think any LVs have feet - ?
  8. im not sure about the bag but my bucket has "feet" and its authentic LV
  9. Tons of LVs have feet.
  10. I think its a FAKE tho'
  11. same here.
  12. Could it be the Sporty? But I don't know if it has feet and if it has been released yet.
  13. have you looked at the hampstead? That has shoulder straps, not sure if it has feet xx
  14. petite bucket,Epi Leather Bowling,Monogram Canvas Beverly MM
    just to name a few
  15. I was wondering the same thing....sounds like it could be the Sporty...but Ya, I don't think it gets released til May 1, I think...