is there color transfer in vernis?!?!

  1. hey fellow Pfers!

    I just bought my first LV last week in San Francisco; i am dying to post pics, but I haven't yet because now I"m not so sure I should keep this. I bought the white brentwood LV (from the Vernis collection), but I am afraid that there will be color transfer? Also, will it discolor?! :wtf:
  2. Prevent setting your bag on printed material esp. magazines and newspapers and make sure your fabrics won't transfer dyes to other materials...and you should be okay for colour transfer. And yes, it will discolor over time, especially the Perle since it's so light.

    Oh, and avoid putting the bag in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  3. OMG ..what a beautiful bag you got.

    post a pic!

    you will have to be aware of where you put it and whats around it, but its such a stunning bag I think its worth it.
  4. The Brentwood is a great bag. Did you get a care booklet? It tells you how to care for the Vernis.
  5. karman has great suggestions!! congrats, i bet she's beautiful!

    i noticed some color transfer on my framboise cles! but i suppose that is to be expected since i used it non-stop for a year and its been in and out of bags.
  6. Oh darn! i was hoping that it was just a rumor...this whole discoloration. that makes me soo sad :crybaby:; should i switch it for the "red" (sorry don't know the precise LV term for that crimson red color), but then again, white is so versatile and easy to match. what do you ladies say? (btw, thanks for being so helpful! you all are always so quick to answer my tedious questions)
  7. The red (new red pomme d'amour or old red?) is really nice but by the sounds of it you like the perle keep it!
  8. Congrats! That's one of the bags in my horizon too :smile: The white may discolor to a yellowish tinge over long exposure to sunlight, and color migrations from dark-colored jeans or clothes may happen, but as long as you watch out for these things, you should be fine!
  9. unfortunately, there is a known problem of colour transfer on vernis especially on lighter vernis pieces.

    That said, Karman has said what needs to be looked out for.

    I wear dark jeans and find that my white and lighter colour bags (be it chanel or LV) does have colour transfer down the bottom of the bag, where it hits the hips or thigh areas and when i get home i try to clean it straight away.

    Also, try and keep them off floors (if your out and about). its a lovely piece but its high maintenance

    Also, i think there is transfer inside the bag too, from thermal printed receipts onto the lining

    Do not leave it in hot conditions or long exposure to sunlight as it may fade in those exposed spots, as the vernis is a patent leather and very porous
  10. These are great tips! How do you clean your bag?