Is there B-bag love in your house?

  1. My boyfriend was just cursing the day he found this forum (by accident) and told me to check it out because he thought I might be interested (HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!), since now I can barely go a day without checking it out (much to his annoyance!).
    This got me to thinking, how do your boyfriends/husbands/partners/significant others/loved ones/family feel about your purse forum and/or B-bag addiction (for those who consider themselves addicted)? Thought it might be fun to share... :heart:
  2. Hehehe after months of us spending too much time by ourselves in our own forums instead of spending the little time we have together, we finally mutually agreed to not spend time in our forums when we're together (so off course I have to start sneaking in a minute or two here and there when he went to his car, go to the kitchen, bathroom, etc :biggrin:). He's actually out of town this weekend so now it's time for me to catch up :shame:
  3. Whenever my mom sees the lilac background, she goes "aren't you supposed to be studying physics?". My boyfriend hates it when I'm on (he's vegetarian), and instantly walks out of the room when he catches me surfing here. When he first found it, he read out loud- "shallow obsessing strongly encouraged?!"
  4. i love this forum and i esp. love this sub forum! my bf doesnt like my b-bags... he thinks the tassels are really ugly looking! BUT that doesnt stop me from wanting MORE b-bags!!! my bf is glad that i found this forum though... he's glad because i can talk to other ppl rather than him about bags... he's beginning to like LV though!!! wee hee b-bags!!!!!! i love the blueberry! i want a blueberry b-bag!!! i need a blueberry bag fix! HAHAHAHA!
  5. :lol: You are so cute Helen! I really hope you get one! (I am still praying to the Balenciaga Gods to let me get the black flat brass classique)!
  6. lol~~every time my bf sees im surfing on the forum, he'd say the same thing "arent you supposed to be studying?" since i always use that excuse to make him cook dinner~ :whistle:
  7. Ya, I get that "aren't you suppose to be studying" question and look ALOT these days everytime I'm caught on this forum!! :lol:
  8. ^ my bf usually says the same thing bc i should be working instead of perusing PF. or he'll say something along the lines of 'oh no... don't you have enough bags?"
    to which i respond, "of course not! so many bags, so little time... and money!"
  9. my bf was actually the ONE that discovered the forum at the time when i was obessing with paddy. He couldn't stand me being on PF every single day.....he thought buying me a paddy would stop me.....haha.WRONG
  10. :lol::lol: my hubby read out loud too "shallow obsessing strongly encouraged":P, proceed to shake his head and said "whatever turns you on":lol::lol:
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. :roflmfao: that's hilarious!
  13. My boyfriend started out saying he thought it was disgusting I should buy a 1000 $ bag (he's into cooperation with developing countries). I had to make him understand one does not prevent me from being aware of the other. He also understood that don't drink, smoke or go out. I drive a small old car. I buy second-hand furniture. I get my hair done for free by my best friend (I am a very lucky girl, he's a top-notch hairdresser), do my mani/pedicures and facials. I make my own money. The hell!! I deserve something!

    He totally understands now.

    As to the Forum, I presented it to him as a clever community where we help each other spotting fake bags and exchange advices about SAs, boutiques etc... So he kind of likes the fact I am that smart person who shares priviledged information with experts! :cool:

    There, I hope this gives some useful ideas on how to convince him you are so right to be a PFer! ;)
  14. hahah my friends think i'm a bit insane... they do not approve of my obsession. my mom understands though, but i dont think she knows the depth and breadth of my bbag addiction.

    i mostly hide in my room when i'm on here- its summer now, and i'm self-employed (sorta) so its pretty easy for me to hang on here w/o much judgement... :lol: my closest friends get that i come on here specifically to educate myself, and i mean, they all have their own quirks too. one friend is obsessed w/ a catfish forum and another with antiques... so they get it. maybe not the lure of the balenciaga, but the lure of the need to find other people with similar obsessive interests!
  15. Hi everyone! :flowers:

    I'm new to the forum but have been lurking. :graucho: I can't believe the knowledge that I've gained about Balenciaga bags since I've been here. It is amazing that there are so many experts on the subject!!! :yes:

    Anyway, I've been wanting a bbag for the longest time, since when they started showing up a few years back but could never justify paying so much money for them. (Heck, I even went to BalNY for the first time last Feb. to look at an Ink city but passed on it!) I've told my husband about the bbag, and he understands my obsession because he is a guitar palyer and has 15 guitars (some of which cost more than a bbag! :shocked: )

    Now that I know there are others like me, I can't seem to help but get one now. Sooooo, I think I will be getting the grenat city! :rolleyes: