Is there anywhere to get a used Neverfull GM?

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  1. Looking for a mono Neverfull GM. I'd maybe like one with a patina already, and I'm not familiar with reputable places for them. Thanks.
  2. Try ebay and get it authenticated here in the forum under "Authenticate This".
  3. Also, Let-trade, fashionphile, annsfabulousfinds, malleries ... all good places to check. Always ******************.

    I have the GM... just starting to patina & I love it... It's my work/travel bag!!
  4. Thanks, Tinks. Do you protect your bag with any sprays or anything?
  5. Fashionphile is a good and reputable seller. Also try Portero, Imagechic and Luxury Exchange. I've purchased for the latter two very good sellers! :cutesy: