Is there anywhere I can get...

  1. the older styles of the COACH pachworks? or scarfc prints? gracias:biggrin:
  2. I know the outlets have might want to call your closest Coach outlet (if you have one by you) to see if they are in stock.
  3. Our outlet still had last year's patchwork (lots of 'em) and last year's scarf (just a few) last weekend. It's a shame that the outlets won't do charge/send, though.
  4. Call COach Directly and give them the style number. They may still have some in stock that they can send you.

    Believe it or not, thats how I got my (05) Fall Scarf Print in February of this year.

  5. Lucky...i didn't even know that the outlets got last year's scarf print.
  6. Coach # is 1 888 262 6224....remember to have the style number ready. If you need help finding that number let us know.
  7. A good bet is to call Coach directly and give them the style number. I just called them about a bag that came out in 2005 and they told me they had one left in stock-so, you never know.
  8. :yes::yes: I am so far away from an outlet-I wish they would too
  9. The only thing that sucks about calling Coach direct to order it is you have to pay retail when you can just go to the outlet & get it for much cheaper.
  10. I don't think you will find any of the Tote's in the outlets....Wristlets yes and maybe hobo's but not the totes.
  11. the Gilroy outlet has a lot of patchworks
  12. when i went to preorder my new scarf print hobo, the coach sa that was helping me originally pulled up the old scarf print.

    you can go directly to the coach store and they can order it for you.