is there anywere I can still buy this?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. sorry, folks i'm new to this site and couldn't figure out how to add text with the pic. i love this bag- does anyone know where i can get it?
  3. hi, i love the colour of this bag, where did you get it from? maybe the place that you get it from sells this bag?
  4. Try checking the outlets. They may still have some.
  5. I looked all over ebay for you, and didn't see any :sad: do you know the name of it and which collection it's from? it's lovely :smile:
  6. I saw one on ebay a couple months ago, but like babydoll said none now.
  7. thank you for looking, I too have looked everywhere- saw it at the under gucci- it looks like it came out in feb??
    the outlet is a good idea...