Is There ANYWAY??

  1. Are you close to a Coach store? When I wanted something off the Japan site, I printed out the picture, wrote down the item number, and took it to my favorite SA who was able to find it for me. Or you may be able to call your local Coach store and ask them to check on availability for the Ponytail Scarf, item 98283 and they should be able to check Jacksonville and the other stores for you.
  2. This scarf was available through Macy's up until a few weeks ago. I bet they have some at JAX.
  3. Yes, perhaps you could explain what it looks like to the sales rep if you call JAX? You can usually get stuff that's not yet available in stores through them. Good luck!
  4. You can sometimes get stuff that is on the Japan website if it isn't already sold out here in the US/Canada. I tried to do this with the British Tan Bleeker Leather Flap that was still on the Japan site. Unfortunately when I called JAX they said that the stock for US/Canada and Japan are separate. If it is an item that is going to be released soon in the US/Canada then you might be able to order it early from JAX if you have the style number. I know people have done this with several items like the green Madeline with the zebra stripe in the center.