Is there anyway we can

  1. I am relatively new to Mulberry bags and l know that there are several newbies joining the Mulberry thread all the time, so l was wondering whether we could do some kind of listing as to how to authenticate the different bags.

    Some labels have Made in Turkey - some Made in England and it might help to get rid of some of the fakes on eBay or anywhere else. Just a thought!!!
  2. Its a really good idea,but as people are wary of giving out details so that they don't in turn get used its a bit of a tricky one. I must admit I would'nt have a clue where to start unless it was really obvious.Thats the reason I am so not brave enough to go on e-bay!!xx
  3. It is a great idea but I think Mulberry are one of the most difficult to authenticate really, I noticed that even the little navy 'made in' labels are inside the good fakes, at one time if it had contrast stitching and the 'made in' label inside you could be sure it was real, but not anymore.

    We could do a thread but watermark our photos first to stop the sellers of fakes using the photos for their listings??? Would probably help. :shrugs:
  4. I know where you are coming from, but sometimes horrible fakers lurk at our forum to gain precisely this information and I feel this would be helping them, if in dobut use the 'authenticate this' as there are so many knowledgable ladies on this forum:flowers:
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I was thinking more of a reference library sort of thing - colours made in certain styles etc. I know it is difficult with the counterfeiters etc and totally appreciate that.
  6. Awww,I feel like I've rained on your parade!!! I just wondering if we can compile between us a library of things to watch for,but send it via e-mail to each other so it stays off forum and away from counterfeiters,other than this its the authenticate this thread.I'm not sure how to compile a file and keep adding to it with bits that people send,but I am home a lot so pretty much on hand all the time,and I send it out pretty much on demand.So if anyone wants to educate me feel free!!
  7. Oh Chaz you haven't rained on my parade but having said that its been coming down like cats and dogs all day today!! I suppose in one way it must be quite difficult nowadays in authenticating Mulberries when you have the outlet shops - as obviously some that are not quite perfect go into these outlet shops whereby other designer houses their quality control doesn't let them go through!
  8. I would love to have some assistance as to know what to look for, as well! I am going to invest in a black Bayswater any day now. Any advice on what I should consider in searching for an authentic bag?

    Thanks ladies!