Is there anyway to say your hair looks bad?

  1. Is there a kind way you can tell you best best friend that her hair looks like crap when she thinks she is hot??? My friend is trying to let her short layers grow out and cuts her hair herself---thinks she does the exact cut her stylist can do:wtf: . Then she is trying to let her hair grow out with choppy layers and longer in the back. I am starting to think chop mullet hair. On top of this she tries to color her hair herself because she will not spend the money to get it done. I also think a stylist will cringe at the thought of trying to color her hair. Her hair is probably 4 different colors. She has a lot of gray but black hair, she is coloring it blond (one process) which turns the grey blond and the black red. Then she just talks about how fantastic her hair is and how everyone love her hair and compliments on it. I have heard people ask me what is going on with her hair. So I was thinking of paying for her hair to be cut and colored by my stylist for a gift. Do you think she would go for it? She is a wonderful person but has a twisted image of herself. She dresses in cami shirts with no bra because she had a boob job (which did not make her breasts even-so one is bigger and you can notice the size difference). I am just saying once you get to be over 60 maybe you might need a shrug over the cami????:rolleyes: I have seen people laugh at her because of the way she dresses when we go out. I have bought her some really nice things and she does wear them but she really got in to the less is more look and it is not becoming on her. Any suggestions?.
  2. OMG :wtf: Well, I guess at least she has self-esteem.

    Maybe you should call the show, "What not to wear" and they can tell her for you! It doesn't seem like just a hair issue but this woman needs a full makeover!!
  3. Wow, you are a good friend. I would die to be seen with her in public :push: . Yeah, bring her to make over show thing. Maybe that will help. I don't know how you could say it in person cause I don't think she will get it as she has a lot of confident in herself. She might think you're jealous or something :nuts: .
  4. hmmmm... that's a tough one. By what you write, she seems to be content, and maybe even proud of how she looks. I don't think there's an easy way to tell her what you think without hurting her.
  5. That's a tough call. I understand how you feel though, but bottom line is, if she feels fine that way there is nothing that you can say or do that will make her change her mind. I would love to have half of her self-esteem!
    Maybe a subtle way would be taking her to a hairdresser and paying for it (as birthday present, like you said). No gift cards or else she'll ask for something just as outrageous.
  6. erm just keep on gently saying hey maybe you should try getting it done at a salon. say it'd be a fun girl thing to do together. "it might be a fresh do that'll make you look even younger! " might convince her. she sounds like she wants to look young and attractive still.

    then arrange for her to meet a couple of toher girlfriends after the appt and hopefully they'll rave about it. do your part by asking them Don't you thiknj this looks much better than her previous do?

    work on the hair first and then the dressing... one thing at a time!

    say something like, hey girl you better wear some support, i hear they sag if you don't give them lots of support!! that should freak her out right? i would be freaked out!
  7. Not usually, but if there is any danger that she could be heading toward mullethood, then just tell her as you bundle her into the car and head for the salon.