is there anyway to handle this situation?

  1. i bought a Gucci bag on the 13th... well... today is the 23th... but i can't run to the store right now :cry: :cry: and their return policy is 10 days.... i dont think this bag is for me, i want to return it... of course, brand new...

    tomorrow, i can come to the store, but tomorrow will be the 11th day :cry: :cry: do you think there is anyway they would make a 1 day exception for full refund?
  2. I cannot imagine they'd have a problem w/ one day.
    I'd call now, ask for a Manager and get their name and word it can be returned tomorrow.
  3. Yes I would do the same. At the very least I think they would give you a store credit so you can pick out a different bag. What bag is it?
  4. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. Only it was more like 2 weeks. The manager was okay with me exchanging the bag for another one. You should be fine. But, I agree you should call the store and make sure you get names!! good luck
  5. Yes, give them a call. I brought a keychain in LA on vacation and it took to the sotre in my area all I wanted to do was exchange it for a different color. I gave him the receipt and he said I have to call my manager:hrmm: . I'm like I brought it 5 days ago. Then he said something crazy like let me go get a number to use for it. The SKU was on the item never took it off.:shocked: It was just so crazy for a $90 keychain. But in the end I got the item I wanted. It was just weird.
  6. well... i actually want refund now :sad:

    kinda need to save up for my cruise in July... plus the sale will be the 1st.. maybe i can use for something else....

    oh well.. i guess store credit is not a bad way.. but full refund would always be better