Is there anyway to clean LV vernis?

  1. I just got a small lexington in the light blue, which was a discontinued color, but it is slightly dirty. It isn't horrible, but is there anyway to clean it?
  2. I think you are out of luck with vernis..
    I tried everything while back with my old wallet including nail remover..nothing happen..
  3. If it's color transfers, you are pretty much done. It not too much you can do about cleaning it. The care book has suggestions on maintaining it, but it also says your SOL if you mess it up.
  4. Do a search on the forum about this, I seem to remember something about white vinegar to clean vernis. Not sure, but I think. Good luck!!
  5. I tried Windex, it doesn't look bad. The dark spot was so minimal, you'd have to be really looking close to see it. The patina leather strap is good.
  6. Hey Dirty Wapity, I am so in love with your Noisette Bedford... with my framboise zippy, I am afraid to put it in my bag for fear of the color transfer thing. I guess I need to research online about it. But, do I really need to keep it inside of it's slip cover when I'm using it???? That just doesn't seem fair. It would suck so bad to have something happen to it.... Your Bedford is to die for, are you worried about it?

  7. i got some nailpolish transference on my beige monogram vernis houston and i just gently scratched it off. general grub i'm not sure about.