is there anyway on earth

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  1. to make a 39.5 shoe fit a 40 shoe wearer? there is the PERFECT pair of manolos on ebay but they're too small. would i be able to stretch them a half a size? eep! thanks!
  2. Yes take them to your local shoe maker, he can stretch them for you
  3. are they leather or fabric manolo's? If leather, yep absolutely no problem in stretching half a size.

    Good luck, hope you get them :smile:
  4. they're patent. i checked again and the heel is 4" so too high for me. so generally you can stretch shoes a half a size? or more?
  5. Don't be afraid of a 4" heel, what do you normally wear?
  6. What type of shoe? If it's a slingback, then no problem.