is there anything?

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  1. I am a HUGE Chanel fan but don't own anything yet. Are there any clutches/wallets in the price range of $500-600? If you have pictures, I'd appreciate them!

  2. Most chanel wallets are within that range.
  3. There is a yellow canvas bag (small pochette-like) that's a little over $700 pre-tax.

    I've never heard of anything cheaper than that for a new bag.
  4. I bought a black chanel clutch bag, quilted, lambskin I think. I got mine on ebay, slightly used, but it still looks quite nice. I think I paid about $500.
    I am no expert on Chanel, but you can obtain items used on ebay that are still legit. I would just ask some of the Chanel experts what to look for. I can sort of tell, if they show pics of the inside. They are usually burgandy.
    I just bought a pink goatskin Chanel bucket-type bag used on ebay as well. I got it under $300. I've learned a little about cleaning leather and even lining from this bag hobbie. It looks like the pink bag is going to be great for summer. It sort of has a cute vintage look.
    Also, sells used, authentic Chanel everything, I got two sweater sets from them.
  5. If you are willing to buy a used bag, and do some research, you may come across a good deal on ebay -- like fendigal says. There's always a small amount of risk in going this route, though. But it can really work out.
  6. It's more trendy but the small heart hobo is $625 and it comes in yellow, pink and an off-white. You probably want something more classic though..that was the only thing I could remember off the top of my head. It's the small yellow one to the left of the picture.
  7. Yellow valentine is cute.
    You should get the matching shoe.
  8. I love your wallet LVBABYDOLL!

    Edit to say: oops! i just realize that it's an agenda :shame:
  9. I just went and picked up my yellow valentine today and I REALLY wanted to get the matching wedge or the scarf....but they only had them both in pink :cry: ...and I really love the bag, its good as a trendy/unique piece, just depends on what you are looking for
  10. Hehe thanks guys. I want the shoes..they don't have them by me right now though and I want to look at them in person. I've seen the flats and they're nice but I tend to stay away from flats since I'm pretty short.
    Anyway yeah, it's reasonably priced. But like guccigirl said, it just depends on what you're looking for.
  11. do you have pics of the valentine bag? whats the official name anyone? 625 is preety reasonable for a piece thats different!
  12. Thank you everyone!

    I like the Valentine (I think that's what everyone called it) but I am looking for something classy that I can wear with anything and have/use forever. So, I remember seeing a small Cambon pochette in the boutique for $770. I think I am going to splurge on that one! I hope they still carry it at Chanel because I really want it now.

    What color do you like it in most? I was thinking of black with white CC logo. What do you all think? Does anyone know what color the lining is???? I looooove linings! LOL!
  13. They still carry the Cambon pochette. I have it in beige with blacks c's and love it because it's neutral and will go with everything...I imagine the black would be just as versatile
  14. The lining is hot pink. I would stay away from the white and get either the black on black or black patent on black...just b/c white shows dirt.

    I really want the beige patent on beige bowler! return season is just around the corner... :idea: