Is there anything you can't wear with Monogram?

  1. Do you think there are certain clothes or accessories that would look horrible paired with a Monogram purse? For example, some of my friends think you can't wear black shoes with a Monogram purse. Maybe this thread can give us all ideas on more outfit choices to pair with our purses :idea:
  2. Oh gosh...I'm a huge faux pas I wear just about anything with my mono speedy! I think it's just so versatile!
    Now my black MC purse I usually try to pair it with a bright tee that plays off one of the MC colors.
  3. - Gucci monogram or any other monogram.
    - shabby, dirty clothes

    that's about it :yes:
  4. Purse and shoes don't need to make anymore. that is an old tale.
    I wear black heels with my mono all the time, I don't own brown heels.

    I carry my mono with everything. Jeans, Capri's, dressed up or casual.
    I think the mono and long with the damier in the most versatile going.
  5. I think my friends have influenced me a bit... I've virtually stopped wearing my black converse shoes. Guess I should try to wear them more and not be afraid to pair it with my Speedy :tender:

  6. I was just considering buying brown shoes/heels before I made this post... due to my friends kind of brainwashing me hehe :P
  7. I think bold patterns and other designer logos clash with the monogram, but thats about it. I personally don't like brown/black mixtures but thats just me, other people can make it work and look amazing.
  8. time to find pic's with people carrying mono bags with heels/shoes that arent brown.
  9. I agree no other designer logos that are busy.
  10. here are few pic's i located of mono bags and no brown shoes.

    I'm not sure if these are black or VERY dark brown, but they look almost black.

    Hillary with black shoes

    fpm, I don't think her shoes are brown, they look more like black.. but her bag matches her shirt

    Luccibag, I know its a cherry blossom bag but Monogram behind, but you get the idea. Her bag doesn't match her shoes, her shoes matches her shirt and the bag accents the outfit.

    another pfm (Daniellejp) she has black sandals that match her skirt..

    Handbags now are accessories. they don't have to match your shoes.
    Hope this helps.
  11. oh, i wear it with anything, well almost ha ha ha....
    i agree with some of the girls, just don't mix with another busy logos or something that screams designer
  12. Except other monogram, I think you can wear LV Mono with everything.

    ...Or with nothing!:graucho:
  13. I don't think monogram looks good with other patterned things-like a stripped shirt or something plaid.

    Colorwise, I think you can wear it with anything!
  14. Anything but other brand logos/monograms.
  15. I wear black every single day (usually black pants and shoes to work) and plain colored blouses or sweaters -- not patterns. Until recently, I never, ever combined black and brown but I bought a sweater last year that was black/brown and LOVED it and will occasionally wear the combo and I think I pull it off well.

    Anyway, I wear my LV with everything.