is there anything like this?

  1. I'm hoping to come across some type of chanel that is basically long wallet sized BUT has a chain? kind of like a clutch but in case I want to wear it on my shoulder it has a chain that would allow me to do so. All I would carry is my mj zip skinny key pouch, cell, and maybe a lip gloss and nano. Key is that I would like it small and compact. Is this just a dream?
  2. are you talking about the east west flap?
  3. There's a thread about something like this.
    It's almost flat and is kind of like a flat wallet on a chain.
    You can wear it across the body messenger style or double up the chain and wear it like a litle flap bag.
    My NM has several in stock now.
  4. ^^Not the east west, thats too big, I'm looking for something small that can fit into a long champ tote for when go shopping or out to lunch on break. I either travel really light or I jam pack my tote, no in betweens lol.

    Really swanky? I'll do a search then thanks. Was this fairly recent?
  5. I guess I'm not using the right key words.. : /
  6. o no, i was just mistaken! i think i know what you are talking about. is it like a wallet/purse? i almost got one from the mademoiselle line. it came in black and coral with vertical white stitching on it?
  7. Yes, there is a little clutch type thing like that except it does not have all the organizing pockets as a regular wallet.
  8. really? What is it called? I'm so excited now!
  9. I don't know the official nam of it but here are a couple of pictures:


  10. ^that's the one I was referring to! I love this little bag!
  11. its called something like the wallet purse....w/ cc slots!
    I just have one pic. I bought it on eBay, for 795.00 Retail
    in cavier w/ gold chain
  12. Oops, here's the pic.
  13. It retails $925.
  14. I was looking at that wallet just the other day. It was on the 'sport' wearing mannequin and it was strung across the torso. :heart: I loved it! :heart: I even took it off the mannequin to check it out.

    I couldn't decide if I would ever actually use it though. For what reason and why. So I put it back. I still love it but bought a new pair of Chanel ballet flats instead.
  15. i bought mine like 5 years ago and it was 995.oo
    they only had black then, now they come in all colors
    its a great outing bag football and baskey ball games
    doesnt hold to much.. has alot of card space
    i need a big purse to carry it as wallet lol
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