Is there anything I can do?

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  1. Bought a bag from a local consignment store she sells alot of Juicy D&G, Cache ect... She said the bag was authentic I later found it's not. I emailed her her she said they do not take returns. I don't really care about the money but she is selling fake bags saying they are authentic.
  2. I suggest that you tell her that fakes are illegal, etc.. and that you will definitely report this. It's not good for the business's image at all. I'm so sorry that happened to you.
  3. I would def tell her that you are going to report her. Most likely she will give you a refund. I'm going to assume you have nothing in writing saying it was authentic?

  4. yes, you should contact her and perhaps she didn't know the

    item was not authentic... she probably took the word of the

    consignor... how did you pay ? if you paid with a credit card

    you might be able to do a chargeback....
  5. Take the bag back to the store, with your receipt, and ask for a refund. If she still refuses while you're in the store, walk out the door, call the police, and wait for them to arrive. When they arrive, walk back into the store, tell the police she sold you counterfeit goods and will not refund your money.

    She cannot sell counterfeit items, it's illegal - she's going to have to refund your money.
  6. :goodpost: This is exactly what you should do.
  7. I wmailed her she did say no refunds, I did explain the bag is not real. She beleives it is. I'll try emailing her again to let her know selling fake bags is not legal when she posted onlne it's real and see what she says. Otherwise I will call the police in her area and see what they say.
  8. So the consignment store is not local? I'd email/call her and tell her that you are filing a chargeback with your CC (or dispute with your financial institution, depending on how you paid.)
  9. What kind of bag was it?
  10. It was an Eliza bag
  11. A no refund policy doesn't mean diddly if the item was illegal to have been sold.

    Whether it's a consignment store, a thrift shop, an ebay listing or even a yard sale seller, in reality, it's the seller's responsibility to verify and confirm authenticity before putting an item on the sales floor.

    "Thinking" it's authentic isn't good enough. She has to KNOW that it's authentic and unless and until she has had it authenticated, it should never have been sold.

    And that's the law. Remind her of the law and that if you want a full refund of every cent you paid.

    Edited to add:

    Since you're communicating by email, maybe a few online articles might open her eyes:
  12. Is Eliza a brand or a style (MJ, LV, etc.)?

  13. would e-mail your seller again putting her on notice that

    if she doesn't refund your money for selling a fake bag

    knowingly or unknowingly you will take the necessary

    steps to get your money back...if you have proof that

    that this bag is fake the police would want to see that

    "proof" I would think before they intervene as would think

    it becomes you say its fake she says its real...keep us posted
  14. If the consignment store is not local, did you buy it through an online website? If you paid through PP, you can file a PP claim without the hassle of going through law enforcement. If not PP, I would file with your CC company, as someone else mentioned.