Is there anything i can do for this Speedy ???

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  1. Hello guys,

    Do you think this Speedy looks still in pretty good condition or is it too used to be bought pre-owned ?

    The seller also sent me a picture of the inside lining... she says it's only make-up. So is it cleanable ?





  2. Yikes, is the lining removable from the bag (as in not stitched to the bottom of the leather) you might be able to use normal laundry detergent if thats the case if not idk what to do
  3. My advice is not to buy it. Its too used to be bought preloved. Also, I am not sure if LV can put in new lining or not.
  4. I would probably pass. The makeup, the way it looks like it was stored...:nogood: I could be wrong but it honestly doesn't look like it was well cared for.
  5. I guess it depends how much she wants for it, and if you're looking for a beater bag. I wouldn't pay very much since there's the risk that you may not be able to clean/repair it.

    I would also want close up pics of the handles, corners, zipper, zipper pull etc.
    it looks pretty beat up and I'll bet those pics don't show the full extent of the damage.

    Also make sure to ask if she smokes, has a cat/pet, where the bag was stored, etc. the bag could have an odor that she doesn't realize is there.

    Also make sure you get it authenticated before buying!
  6. I would pass.
  7. I'd pass. Doesn't look like it was well taken care of. Looks like more than just makeup IMO.
  8. I would pass too... It looks too beat up plus there might be an odor like mmchav said and looks like it's been used handful times and NWGal is right looks like it wasn't well taken care of. The makeup stains is too much I don't think you will be able to clean it if I'm wrong but I would not buy it.
  9. I don't think that bag is something you should buy. Just a little too well loved...
  10. Keep looking, there are great deals to be had on bags in better condition.
  11. I would definitely pass
  12. Thank you very much for help and advice :flowers:

    I told the seller i'm not buying it

    It's a birthday gift for my 17 yo little sister, i'd rather spend more $$ to get something much cleaner

    Thanks again !
  13. I would have to pass on this one -- the interior is just toooo nasty!
  14. Glad you're passing on it.
  15. ouch! i feel bad for that speedy, poor girl.