Is there anything Hermès DOESN'T make!?

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  1. For the wide, wide gamut of products Hermès has made in it's history (a mega-yacht, or a giant stuffed panda anyone?), I've found it interesting that they don't produce eyewear. Sunglasses have always for me been a throwaway item in that they're fragile, easily misplaced and rather "frivolous" an item, but I find it odd that fine eyeglasses aren't part of their regular offering, or even occasionally as a seasonal product. I'm not sure that they haven't EVER made them (a google search wields a scary knock-off result), but I'm referring to a standard offering. I assume that it's something to do with a different strategy of "entry level" offerings to other luxury brands. :shrugs:

    Are there any other items that you've noticed and/or are surprised that aren't offered by Hermès – designer brand "staples", fantasty items or otherwise?
  2. Most other brands (beside LV I think) have a licensing agreement with Luxottica to produce eyewear. At least thats what I have been told at sunglass shops in regards to Chanel sunglasses, I am in the USA by the way. Maybe H doesnt want to give out a license to anyone and producing your own requires a new factory, team of workers, etc so maybe they just dont want to bother with it.
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    Maybe eyewear strays too far from the integrity of the brand. If Hermes is the ultimate in leathergoods and silks, then why would they venture into largely acetate territory? Every accessory, the jewelry, are all borne out of their core expertise.

    I'm glad that, unlike say LV, they're not making ongoing something outside their scope. Despite being partial to and riding a Suzuki, I was not a fan of the Yamaha collaboration (atrocious and sacrilege* for both brands IMHO), and wouldn't have ridden it even if it was given for free.
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    It's funny you bring this up. I was just thinking yesterday that I've never seen sunglasses offered by Hermes. Instead of acetate frames, I would think they might possibly use horn, as eyeglass manufacturers did in the 50s. They could really make some nice ones.

    I haven't seen them offer nose rings, either, but I don't think that's likely to ever happen. :lol:
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    Never say never – neo-tribalism "ethnic" piercing is usually somewhere in the trends cycle!

    That's exactly what I had in mind, eyewear in the style of the rather minimal horn jewellery/items they produce could be very beautiful.

    The Yamaha collaboration was one of the more eyebrow-raising ones, but I think the Wally mashup takes the cakes for embarassing ideas. Horrific! It kind of felt like a LVMH concept.

    As Hermes Nuttynut suggested above, I can only imagine H eyeglasses in materials of nobility; horn, wood, gold, perhaps palladium.
  6. You should watch the 60 minutes segment that aired last night in Luxotica, once you understand the company practices you'll understand why Hermes has stayed away!
  7. I think if H could guarantee the quality of sunglasses it would sell them. Perhaps they did in the past(?)

    H don't make make-up like YSL, Dior or Chanel (although those are fashion houses and not leather-goods)

    H don't always make their own hats but they do get them made and sell them (as in their bowlers a couple of years ago)

    H don't make chocolates (or am I just thinking Hermes could be a one-stop-shop for me :P)

    I came across a pair of vintage, leather and 18kt gold, child's spurs (custom made in collaboration with Aspreys) on my travels, if there's a will and a way I am sure it can happen.
  8. They don't make patent leather bags with logos all over them.
    They don't use sequin- covered fabrics that will fall apart in the rain.
  9. Barenia toilet seats.
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    LIKE! Though I'm sure a Barenia horse collar could be appropriated into the toilet seat to end all toilet seats.

    Or would it work best in fluche naturelle?
  11. :roflmfao:

  12. Great idea! Low fluche of course.:P
  13. But of course. House guests will rave, "LOVE that patina!"
  14. So true ... Re: Luxotica
  15. i have to say that i hope that if ever they do go for eyewear they don't go license the watches are bad enough.............. that said i do wish Hermes would make a more wide selection of stationary or paper goods to go with the beautiful desk accessories they have !