Is there anything for a Palm Treo?

  1. I got rid of my Razr (YEAH!!! :yahoo:). I now have a Palm Treo, and would like a cute LV to put it there anything that will fit it?

  2. ooh ooh ooh! i wanna know too :smile: i wanna know what will hold my lil buddy here
  3. I think there's a Taiga case- give me a sec.....
  4. oops, sorry- what I thought was a palm case is actually a business card holder :shame:

  5. Poche Toilette 15 would probably fit your Palm Treo. I keep my Palm PDA in it along with cards/receipts.
  6. Although I don't use mine anymore since I splurged for a Vaja Leopard Palm case, my Palm Treo will fit perfectly inside of the monogram LV cell phone holder. This phone holder is now discontinued. Of course the problem is accessing the keypad... I purchased my cell phone holder from LV Hollywood, Ca. I should add that I had my hook changed by an excellent cobbler so that the phone holder would hang on thicker rings like those on the Alma.

  7. How about a mini pochette accesories? It comes in monogram, damier, and azur, I believe. I was thinking of purchasing one of these for my palm myself.
  8. I love your skin where did you get it!!!
  9. get it on eBay :smile:
    search for treo sparkle.
  10. thank you I will, I love it! was it hard to put on?
  11. The one that Let-Trade has is NOT the appropriate one to fit a Treo. It is the PM... My phone case is the GM. I imagine one will be hard pressed to find this model. By the way, it was very expensive when I purchased it. I can't recall for sure but it was over $200... Close to $250 with tax. :crybaby:
  12. very easy. all you need is a steady hand :yes:
  13. Do you think the the palm phone will fit in the cell phone holder if not is there a holder for this kind of phone? Thanks.