Is there anything besides keychains that i can get in Chanel for around US$400?

  1. Im going to Paris early next year and no i can't afford the grand sum of over $1000 like most of you here but i really want to buy something in there.

    How much do chanel necklaces, shoes cost usually? Is there any cheaper and less known chanel bags for US$400 or at a push $500?

    Please let me know xoxo
  2. You can definitely find some necklaces for that price, a smaller wallet, or a cute card holder!
  3. I think there card holders are really cute :smile:
  4. there are also some really nice scarves!
    i would get a necklace or bracelet
  5. i don't need a card holder. lol. funny though. woooo necklaces! around how much are they and do u know what they are made of? crystals or diamonds or?? just curious.
  6. yeah a necklace is on the top of my list! :smile: So no cute small bags then?
  7. Well the lowest price bag I have ever seen there was 450 pounds which is about 700 or 800 dollars.

    You could possibly get a small wallet if you pushed 500 a bit.

    I'm pretty sure with the price increases it's got even worse :sad:

    Don't despair I'm sure someone on this forum will be able to give your more information. I think the earrings are less than 500 but I might not be right on that since I don't have any but there's always eBay (always authenticate here first).

    I'm pretty sure theres some jewellery you'll be able to get.
  8. what about shoes? and which handbags are 700-800?
  9. i don't really want a wallet. Jewellery, shoes & bags and clothes (but as if!!)
  10. How about some sunglasses? I think those are in your price range.
  11. i don't feel comfortable wearing sunglasses.

    Sorry i don't mean to sound choosy!

    Would be helpful to know which bags are $700-$800 though. :smile:

    And how much do their ballet flats cost?
  12. the necklaces or jewelry for around 500 will be metal =[ no diamonds sorry and im not sure if its even crystal, it might just be plastic and as of shoes, the ones i've seen are over $500, but maybe some on sale? good luck!
  13. Camellia card holder or small wallet would be nice!

    The matching earrings and necklace I bought were $195 for earrings and $275 for the necklace. :yes: Pictures can be found in the Reference library accessories thread.
  14. Earrings
  15. There's also the exclusive perfumes -- only available at boutiques. But you're probably not interested in those!