Is there anyone you truly hate?

  1. And I don't mean like celebs or politicians:p . I mean, like real people you've met and really can't stand and would go so far as to say you hate them.

    I was thinking of this when I went to the gym today. One of my fave exercises is to do my roundhouse kicks on the punching bag, and seriously, I get the best kicks in when I picture my boss's face on the bag.

    I could go on and on about how horrid he is, but let's just say he's a true jerk. He's just about the coldest person I've ever met, and I really can't wait to stop working for him (I stupidly signed a contract promising I'd work for him until June this year:push: ).
  2. Hmmmm. I don't think so. There was an ex-boyfriend who made my life a living hell for about 4 months after I broke up with him, that I actually begged to step inside my house so I could legally shoot him, but a lot of water has passed under that bridge and I don't care anymore.
  3. No, not really. Not even close.
  4. well, no. there are people i don't like, but i haven't seen any of them in awhile now... so i don't really care. i guess after so much time has passed, it doesn't matter anymore.
  5. Hate?? No...I don't think so. But there is one person in my family who makes me angry all of the time. I get angry just by the sight of her face. I can't stand her. I try as hard as I possibly can to be nice to her...but it just doesn't work sometimes
  6. hmmm, my mailwomen :cursing: ..... if it's signed for, she just leaves a note and makes mepick it up at the post office, even though I'm there waiting for her, if it doesn't fit in my mailbox she just leaves it at the front door off my appartment house :wtf: :cursing: I'm so mad at her it's not funny anymore, I've even seen her do it and confronted her and she had the guts to tell me that she really was in a hurry, about half an hour later I see her standing at my neighbour's across the street CHATTING ....I've complained soooo many times and it's still the same situation ..... I don't know whether she's too lazy to walk the 2 stairs to flat (heck, I'd even come down to the front door for her if she'd only ring the bell) or just hates me for whatever reason :shrugs:
  7. I frequently experience of flashes of hate towards my soon-to-be-former daughter-in-law, who is doing her best to aquire the assets of not just my son, but his parents and grandparents.

    But I am making a consious effort to let go of the negative feelings in order to avoid incurring a greater karmic debt.
  8. I still have a HUGE grudge against someone from highschool... this actually started in 6th grade way over 10 years ago! Even to this day if I see him in a store or around town I will go out of my way to avoid him... but I'm not bitter...
  9. yeah... usually i am just a peaceful person and don't like 'hating' anybody...but some things just can't be ignored LOL
  10. There is certain lady in town that I dislike so very much. I switched gyms so I would not see her everyday. She belongs to our country club as well and I do my best to stay away from her. If I have to speak, Im very polite however, inside I can not wait to get away from her! (LONG story!) I try so very hard to forgive her...not be angry and move on. Im fine until I see her..then the feelings come back. ITs strange. But like I said I try to always be kind no matter what and sometimes it HARD. I can be nice to her husband no problem...but her...UGH...let just say Im not her biggest fan.
  11. I don't hate anyone. There are people I don't like and don't really want to spend time with, but I don't hate them.
  12. there are quite a few people i can not bare to breathe the same oxygen as but there is only one person i truely hate with all of my heart, and it might sound bad but i would like them to have a very unhappy life as payback for what they did to me. He is an exBF(from a few years ago) and thinking about him makes my blood boil, he treat me like i was insignificant and he tried to destroy my life (complete sycopath). i havent seen him since last summer when he walked into my local pub and i had a panic attack at the thought of him recognising me. so to answer your question, yes i hate my ex.
  13. There are people that I dislike so much and that are horrible towards other people, but I won't say hate, because hate takes a lot of energy, and these people don't deserve tahat energy or anything else here in life.
  14. Theres no one I really "hate", but there are a few people I STONRGLY cannot stand being around.. like ALL of my aunts... ahem, they make my life hell and like to start drama and gossip about everyone and make trouble... and im sure you can imagine...
  15. This is going to sound horrible but I come closest to "hate" with my MIL.... she's just a not nice person who consciously does things to hurt me & my family. Anyone who's ever read my posts about her can sympathize.

    Although as others said, I don't waste any time or energy disliking her. She's isn't worth it...