Is there anyone who is a Day Convert?

  1. :confused1:
    I would love to get another style besides the ones I already have...First, Box, and City. I was wondering about gals who had other styles, especially the ones I just listed, but have tried a Day and now prefer it to all the others. If so, could you tell me why and post photos? I would love to see a few pictures of gals holding it and/or having it hanging on their shoulder.
    Thanks much!
  2. i loved the day bag!! I had a sky blue hobo that i recently traded because i initially bought it as a diaper bag off eBay .. i just couldnt handle carrying TWO bal bags! one for me and one as a diaper bag .. i just looked stupid! :p .. but as a bag it is great :smile: if you will use it as YOUR everyday bag then you will love it! .. its so practical and versitale .. believe me you will love it!! but personally i am a work bag girl :yes: .. hope i helped!
  3. I really LOVE the Day style :heart: - it's sooooo comfortable to wear over the shoulder, it's so smooth and holds much of stuff ... I'm enthusiastic about it :yahoo: :yes:

    me with '05 sky-blue Day


    with '05 apple-green Day


    with '05 ice-blue Day


    with '05 bubblegum-pink Day

    Bubblegum pink Day.jpg 107-0724.pf_IMG.jpg 107-0732.pf_IMG.jpg 110-1006.pf_IMG.jpg 111-1119.pf_IMG.jpg
  4. The day looks really great on you, Firstclass!:love: I am quite surprised actually- I always thought it looks a bit alternative- not really feminine at all:nuts:. But you really make it look chic and feminine, Firstclass!:heart: Oh no, you might have converted me...:shame:

  5. I also was very sceptical about this style when I bought my first (sky-blue) .... but then I felt in LOVE :tender: !! It's so comfortable to wear, I'd buy it again :yes: THANK YOU so much for the nice compliments sweety !

  6. Irene - I love all ur posing pics esp u look fabulous in Day.....i'm droolin over all ur collections here :drool:

    Usually i tot day bag is pretty casual but u bring out the style and u definitely look chic....:nuts:

  7. Awwwww ... thank you so much Celia :shame: :love:
  8. First, you wear the Day so well!! It looks so elegant and comfy! I am really craving one in BBgum pink or AG after seeing yours!!:love::love:
  9. Thank you so much 'T' Handbag..... - you're so sweet :shame: :love:
  10. I LOVE the day style! at first I was not sure about it, I thought it might be too big and thought it might not look chic, but it was Firstclass that changed my mind after seeing those photos of her carrying the day! she has a very chic style!
    The day is now my favorite style:yahoo:
  11. Oh and I forgot it's also very comfortable to carry, I love the one handle and its as light as a feather.

  12. Awwwww .... you makes me blush marie1.... :shame: :love: but I'm glad to hear that I've inspired you about the Day style ;) :heart:
  13. Deana - which Day did you get!?!?! Can we see pics? :smile:
  14. i am definitely a day convert! I bought my first day a couple of days ago from pariss and love it to pieces! More than my citiessss.....

  15. You have to post pics wearing this! This color is so underated. Luscious.

    FirstClass- You are so pretty, I love your modeling pics. They just bring a smile to my face.