Is there anyone that likes the black Modern Chain?

  1. After looking through some of the posts, it seems that most people feel that the black MC is a lost case. Is there anyone out there that feels differently?
  2. i like alllllll the modern chains
  3. but if that lt greeen petit shopping is great and the damier azur is great and a big h ermes purchase coming up, i dont think my parents can handle that...
  4. I ordered a Black MC and its on the way. I'll probably be receiving it tomorrow. I hope this is not the biggest mesitake because I actually ordered this bag without having seen it IRL. My heart almsot sink when I saw that a lot of people do not like the bag. :sweatdrop: :crybaby:
  5. No worries.. Different people has different preference. As long as it looks fabulous on you, then it is a keeper! I am on order for red modern chain east/west tote since I saw it on trunk show and love it. Please do post pic when you get it tomorrow!
  6. I haven't seen the bag IRL yet so I'm reserving my comments until the white MC is available for sale.
  7. I think the MC is available in black, red, and dark gray right now. Does anyone know if the dark gray is really gray, or is it a beige-y gray?
  8. My SA said it is a taupy gray similar with the coco cabas dark gray...I havent seen IRL though.
  9. I'm posting my review right now. . .
  10. Don't worry, sweetie! We all have different tastes and different looks. Wait and see what you think. If it looks fabulous, keep it. If not, you can always return for that perfect bag!!

    I wish my Chanel had the east west shape in the smaller size. I would have love to see that one.
  11. My MC in Black. However I really do not like the chain.:sad:
    22092006(005).jpg 22092006(002).jpg
  12. WOW!!! Is that the large? That's huge.
  13. Hi there Sophia,
    That looks like the large version that they also had set aside for me. I tried it in black and brown and it just didn't work for me. I felt same way about the chain.
    Are you able to return? I am sure the perfect bag is out there waiting for you. It just may not have arrived in stores yet!
  14. I'm a large bag person, so I'm ok with the size, the leather's fine too, its just the chain, they looked too tough.
  15. I like it! You look classy enough to be able to carry it off. I'd just look like a bag lady, lol!