Is there anyone out there like me??

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  1. I can't help but buy only monogram canvas... i've tried owning a damier speedy in ebene but exchanged that because i was never really in LoVe. don't get me wrong, i like the looks of both the damier lines but can only see myself owning monogram... am i the only one that feels this way??
  2. So far, it looks like yes. I love it all....epi, vernis...damier...suhali....except for the denim line perhaps.
  3. You like what you like!! Everyone has their likes and dislikes. I like Monogram and Damier and have several purses and accessories in both. I think Vernis is pretty but I wouldn't buy it because it seems fragile in my opinion. I have only one Epi small wallet but I don't think I would ever buy an Epi purse. Multicolore is cute and I have a black MC Wapity, but I probably wouldn't ever buy a purse in Multicolore.
  4. ITA!:smile:
  5. I have a black Suhali Lockit, but in the canvas lines my preference is definitely the monogram.
  6. Not me, but whatever makes you happy, rocks your boat and all that.
  7. You're not the only one. I only like (buy) Monogram Canvas. I like the Damier line also but I would never buy one.
  8. I'm quiet classic, although I also like the Damier, Vernis, and Epi lines I am also a big fan of the monogram canvas!!! It's so classic!!!! love it
  9. I was the same but DH got me a Damier Neverfull for Christmas and I now love Damier more than momo. :jammin:
  10. I like to have a few from every line... but if you know what you love stick with it.
  11. l like it all, but my sister is like you, she buys all mono piece's.....its what makes you happy that counts :smile:
  12. I've heard of folks like you. Only-monogram people.
    I think what will eventually happen is that you'll buy up the styles you love love love in mono and then move on to other patterns - - or, may be not!
    Don't worry and enjoy each and every one of your mono bags.
  13. So far I only have mono pieces too! Something about the damier I find a little masculine? I am on the hunt for a black multicolor bag next!
  14. I have both but like Damier more no vachetta. Also it is not so LV!!!! Some do not even know what it is. But all my SLG's are mono.
  15. I totally see where you are coming from. I really only loved the mc line first. Then I fell in love with the mono. I also like the seasonal takes on the classic mono. However I cannot imagine buying any of the other lines yet. At some point maybe vernis, but I cannot see it as part of my life!