Is there anyone like me out there???

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  1. Well I am realizing I have NO problem spending $$$ on bags but when it comes to clothes/shoes, etc. I balk at spending even $40 on a pair of pants or top. That is insane considering the $ I spend on bags without even blinking an eye.

    I've never been much of a clothes/shoe person and maybe that's why. I just love my bags and feel they pull my outfit together. I tend to like simplicity in my clothes and really don't follow trends.

    is anyone else like me or am I the only :weird: one??? lol
  2. You have just described me to a ~T~ word for word. Your definetely not the only one!!
  3. I can't spend money on basics... I get all my James Perse tees on sale, all my miniskirts are from Abercrombie. I get almost all of my shoes (designer or not) on sale. I will shell out a good deal of money on a dress, though.
  4. i'm the same way - to me, the bags are a durable piece and can be used every day for years if i choose, but i might only wear a t or a pair of pants for a few months, maybe once a week at most. it just doesn't make as much sense to me to spend any money on them.
  5. I started off like that, but I realize more and more, I'm buying nicer pieces because I like the quality. My overall look is very basic, so I figure if I spend a bit of money, I'll get my money's worth since I'll be wearing it for a long time. Plus, I spend less in the long-run because I don't really buy too much trendy clothing.
  6. For me $400 is my cap on shoes, not because I can't afford higher priced shoes but because I can't fathom spending a lot of money on something I can't baby. Shoes get dirty/screwed up the moment you step outside :sad:
  7. NO, you're not alone Twinklette. I don't spend a lot of money on clothes and they don't have to be designer. I figure as long as I have a great handbag it will compensate for my not so expensive clothes. :lol:
  8. i'm a bit of both - if thats allowed!!! i'll totally fork out thousands for a great bag and it wouldn't matter and for clothes i would spend at least $200 - $400 - in a season on certain pieces eg/ winter coat, boots... :shame:
  9. I agree with you 100%. I can't justify or rationalize speding $200 on jeans or other clothing items. It's just denim!! I will occasoinally spluge on shoes though. If they are on sale of course;)
  10. it's all about balance! you'd be broke if you spent the same amount on everything!

    or rich.
  11. Although I have quite a few pairs of shoes and boots I'm really not a shoe person. I have so many because they all hurt my feet. I won't wear them again so I go out and buy a different pair. I HATE spending money on shoes. I find boots more comfortable so although I don't enjoy spending money on boots it doesn't put me in a bad mood like when I have to lay out cash for shoes. HATE shoes!!! Also, I wear either a 5-1/2 or 6 depending on the brand/style and it's hard to find attractive shoes in this size. I guess 7 and 8 are more popular sizes.
  12. Can't say that I'm like you Twinklette. History shows I spend $$$ on various things. Bags do tend to be the biggest tags though when excluding cars, homes and the like.
  13. Like Mariesmist said, they key is balance. I've been known to get the 99 cent tissues (rather than the $2.49 Puffs). But dammit- if I want to spend $1000 on a bag I'll do it!! :smile:
  14. I spend the most on bags and shoes. Dresses come next. Then regular clothing. My husband loves buying vintage clothes but I just can't get myself to wear someone elses clothes.
    Gives me the creeps!:oh:
  15. I have found myself spending a lot on clothes also, but never shoes. I'm huge into jeans now and always have been in other clothing. But at least I can say I've never spent exorbitant amounts on shoes!!