Is there anyone here who only buys...

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  1. the small accessories, but never the bags? I used to have one of the handbags in monogram canvas, but I sold it because I did not like all of the attention it received. I loved the look of that bag, but I did not like how it really wasn't that functional. However, lately (and I know that this is going to sound weird), I have been obsessed with the idea of looking into my non-LV handbags and seeing a LV wallet and agenda. I honestly cannot find a bag that I love and I would never feel comfortable wearing it anyway, but the wallets and the agendas...:love: All of a sudden, the small accessories appeal to me in ways that the handbags appeal to most LV fans. Is that weird?
  2. SLGs have their little magic in them. And their charm worked on me too! :graucho:
  3. For me, I can't get enough of LV bags and I would love to have a collection like the Tokyo Bag Queen.

    There are plenty of people who love SLGs and not bags, so you are not an anomaly. LV wallets are amazing in quality.
  4. LV slg's are gorgeous, And i would buy all of them if i wasn't trying to build up my bag collection. lol
  5. I love LV bags (and own more than I do LV SLGs) but think I prefer LV SLGs over LV bags as a general rule. Lol. OP, you're definitely not weird. ;)
  6. I don't think it's weird. I LOVE the SLGs. :loveeyes:
    I use them all the time, with all of my bags. I have a canvas bag for my kids' diapers, food and toys that I just toss in the pram and I love having my LV wallet in there.
  7. I love to buy bags. I have enough (really?) LV bags but only a few slgs. Everyone has different likes though, so do what you love. LV slgs are very pretty.
  8. I have quite a few LV bags, but the SLGs are what really captured my attention first and I still love them. The majority of my accessories are LV whether or not they're inside an LV bag. So no, not weird at all!
  9. You are not weird at all.. I love the SLG.. They are so wonderful...
  10. I only buy SLG's. I am not a bag person and carry a Barbour satchel as my only bag. I'm only interested in smaller items from LV. I was first inspired by DE but as time moved on, I found my niche in the Taiga range.
  11. I have one LV bag but my first LV was a ZCP that I use in all my bags, and I want more SLGs more than I want another bag. I know what you mean about the feeling of opening any bag and seeing your LV items. I know lots of people with LV wallets and no LV bags (or at least they don't take their bags to work, which I don't do either).
  12. For me, the problem with the SLG is their price : add some money to the Zippy and you have a bag.
  13. I agree LeuLeu, the price difference is quite small considering the materials used for SLG's in comparison to bags.
  14. Thanks for the responses! I'm glad to know that I am not alone. It's weird...the prices of the SLG's used to bother me a lot. Now, not so much. I feel like I would get much more use out of a wallet and agenda vs. a bag. My LV bag sat in my closet most of the time.

    I wish the leather LV bags didn't cost so much....I'd definitely have one of them, but they are way out of my price range.
  15. I agree with this. People tend to just assume that a wallet should cost less than a bag, but when you look at the construction of (let's say....) a zippy vs a speedy 25, it's clear that the zippy has far more structure & man-hours that went into its construction. In addition, the extra hardware for things like internal zip pockets, studs, and leather trimmings / card holder slots also make a big difference.

    Personally, I like to keep my SLG's simple. I don't own any LV SLG's besides a clefs, just because, as others have said, I'd rather save my money for a larger purchase. Everybody has their own tastes, though, so buy what you like most! :smile: