Is there anyone here who isn't crazy about LV bags, but loves the LV...

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Purse Addict
Oct 17, 2006
A tiny island
Bags were always no. 1s on my list, but now, I am pretty contented with my bag collection and has started to look at the accessories! Ohhh... so bad for my bank account. :yucky:

I don't have many small goods to start with, but I do have to say that LV's wallets lasts and lasts forever. They look so nice and new even after years! I don't carry my LV wallet around anymore, unless I am overseas, cos I carry too many cards and other rubbish in my wallet.

I LOVE the accessories for their ability in jazzing up my bags though! :supacool:


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006
lv anything except for the sneakers. kinda nerdy....
:crybaby: Nerdy one here I wear white sneakers and must say for the price. My LV best sneakers are the best I've ever owned plus they last forever! I must go through my cheap old keds like every 2 months!:nuts:


Jul 3, 2006
i love lv bags but i seem to be venturing into the world of accessories lately for some odd reason. but i do usually stick to accessories i can use to adorn my bags like keychains, scarves, etc. i do however want a wallet i was deciding between a groom pochette or a damier accordian but they are soooo expensive. i think $600 is way too much to pay for a wallet but then again this is coming from a girl who just spent $350 on a keychain, im so cunfused:confused1:


"Accessories Piggy!"
May 20, 2006
Southern Girl! (now)
I am probably crazier about the accessories BUT I love the bags and have a nice collection of them too. The accessories are the cutest though aren't they? Tiny LV... Cute, cute, cute!