Is there anyone here who isn't crazy about LV bags, but loves the LV...


Nov 21, 2005
small accessories?

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I've fallen out of love with LV handbags...yet, I am obsessed with the small accessories like the wallets, pouches, agendas, etc. I only own one LV handbag (Alma in monogram canvas, won in a magazine essay contest) and after extensive research:shame: :lol: , I can only name a few bags that I'd actually like to own. I like the Epi leather Speedy and Petit Noe...but not quite enough to want to buy one. (I won't turn down a free one!!!;) )

But for some reason lately, I love the wallets and all of the other little stuff. It's not about price because many of the wallets cost just as much as some of the bags. Lately, I like the idea of looking inside of one of my all leather bags (like a Thickskin or a Gryson handbag) and seeing smaller luxuries...Just for me to see. Oh, how I've changed.:rolleyes: :biggrin:

Anyone else feel the same? And this is in no way a criticism to those who love LV handbags; I love seeing other people with them. I just obsess over the smaller LV items now.
Aug 14, 2006
BC, Canada
I love the small accessories as well. I know I want a wallet, and definitely more cles' - and an agenda, and eventually a MC Petit Noe. I still want this purse lol.


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006
I love LV anything. But sometimes it's not appropriate to carry a LV bag and that's why I invest in LV accessories. Love looking in my other handbags and seeing all those adorably expensive accessories. They me feel so good! Like a personal secret. :tender::love:


Jul 5, 2006
I can't think of an lv bag I want right now, except maybe a Saleya. I've noticed that I've been checking out the accessories on eLuxury lately instead of bags. DH asked what bag I would like to get for Christmas, and all I asked for was the Damier Trousse make-up pouch. I already have a new lv wallet, so now I think I might need a cles' for my b-day next month. It's really weird that I don't want a bag.
Dec 13, 2006
I'm the opposite, I am a bag lover and could care less about acquiring accessories. I do want a mono wapity but to me that's another bag I would use to go to a party or small casual get together when a big bag would be out of place. I have no desire to get a cles or wallet which I think is so odd bec. I love the bags so much. I feel like I want a zillion lv bags(mono speedy 30, vavin gm, red epi speedy, epi speedy in toledo, mono papillon 30, an epi or mono alma), that's a lot to want, lol. I like variety, I seriously like changing my bag every couple of days it's just a thrill I like to indulge in. But I know what you mean about getting a kick out of seeing one of your little luxuries on the inside of your bag, I have a red signature coach wallet and burberry nova check cosmetic case that I just love to look at in my bags and handle as well even though I know that no one really sees them! I don't like changing my wallet bec. that's a pita for me so I just know I'll keep using this red wallet for a while before I tire of it, I seem to use a wallet for 2 yrs straight before tiring of it. this one is still under a year and my love is still going strong!


Aug 31, 2006
I love both, but I know I can't have too many bags. I'm merging on to 6 bags, and even at that point I think it's too much. I love admiring other people's collections, but for myself? No way, I'm a minimalist.

Accessories, on the other hand...hehe, I really want to build up a cles collection one of these days! And a collection of porte monnaie rondes...those are soooo cute!


Oct 3, 2006
Is that a Tobago leather organizer I see? I just ordered 1 in black. How do you like yours?


Aug 27, 2006
I'm the reverse. Some of the accessories cost close to a bag so I think that's money I could use for another bag. Although, I do like the cles/small agendas, but not much more beyond that.


Oct 24, 2006
My first and second LV purchases were accessories (wallet and cles). I've only started to like the bags after this forum, and just purchased one.


Aug 7, 2006
New England
I've only been buying LV accessories lately - perhaps because I bought the LV bags I like, and can't spend any more on bags!

I buy bandeaus, PTI's, key chains, and the cosmetic bags/poches. I hope LV comes out with an interesting handbag (at least IMO) in the spring. :smile:


Oct 24, 2006
Los Angeles
I'm obsessed with the accessories too! I like the bags, but I haven't brought myself to buy one yet. I like looking in my bag and seeing all the LV stuff, but it's like my little secret. :P


Sep 26, 2006
I :heart: it all! If I am uninspired about a bag, I'll always be able to find some accessories that get me going, or vice versa. I'm very easily entertained by anything and everything LV....:P