Is there anyone here who doesn't own H?

  1. OK, I own ONE twilly :p but that's it! I had to take a break from this site, as our financial situation took a dive and it was killing me to look at your delicious bags. We're not in the poorhouse, but our DS #2 has autism & we're using up much of our "disposable" income on his therapies & such. I'm just disappointed, as I was truly hoping to purchase a Kelly sometime in 07. Perhaps in '08.

    In the meantime, I guess I can really take my time in educating myself on which bag I'd like to own. Well, thanks for listening & enjoy your H!

  2. Hi Amy I'm' sorry to hear about your DS, big hug. I think from the bright side indeed you can educate yourself and eventually know specifically what you like. I'm still learning by trial and do make mistakes. Hopefully next year your Kelly year will come:smile:
  3. ^^^Wow! Gotta give you props. That can be tough. Good luck to you and yours. Would you believe me if I told you I don't get tempted on here? I'm pretty set in my ways and know what I want and don't want. So it narrows down the field a lot. You can sit on the sidelines with me. Hang in there. Good things come to good people. I feel that you are one of them.
  4. Amytude, I'm sorry to hear about your son. So far the only H I have is my barenia Kelly Double Tour bracelet. I'm kind of new to H and still adjusting to the price difference between H and other high-end bags, so I'm taking it slow for the time being. I do get the urge to just go out and buy something big and fabulous, but for the time being I'm just going to have to be happy with the little things :yes:
  5. Big hugs for you and your son!
    I also only have small accessories... I'm trying not to get into the mindset that I will buy a H bag soon. It's hard to resist but I'd rather wait a little more. It wouldn't be reasonable right now.
    Until then I enjoy the eye candy!
  6. Amy, I'm sorry to hear about DS. The fun of partaking in this forum is getting to look at everyone's wonderful accessories and enjoying their happiness and love for bags. Bag-a-holics are a rare find, I think tPF is one of the only places where you'll find them all together in one place :p

    Enjoy your time here on the forum! :yes:
  7. Me. I don't have anything H. I've tried to save up for something H, but an emergency car repair took most of the $$ away. I love reading all the posts and educating myself, and the ladies of the H forum are such great company!
  8. I'm H-less. But thanks to tpf I've lurked here occasionally and learned so much. And thanks to the incredible Northwest H meeting this summer I got to see a ton IRL!
  9. Amytude, I'll say a little prayer for your son. I just heard about a treatment called applied behavior analysis that is supposed to be effective. And I own four twillys but no bags. I vascillate between the kelly and the birkin. But I know that I want orange and gold hardware...
  10. Firstly, my hats off to your for having the RIGHT priorities. It is a BIG thing.

    I wanted a Kelly for years myself and had to dream in the meantime. Life always has somewhere you can put your money first. But don't worry... Karma has a way of keeping us all in balance. Dream, save when you can, and keep checking the board. Things will open up, and life will look on you and smile :yes:
  11. Amytude, sending you hugs xxx
  12. amytude: it must be frustrating--on many levels. that being said some of the things i have wanted most that I have had to wait for ended up not being what i really wanted OR i refined my taste or approach a bit. I wore a sterling chaine d'ancre for many years before owning a bag and got alot more compliments on that. May i suggest splurging (in a more diminutive fashion than a birkin) on a signature piece like a CDC bracelet, chaine d'ancre kelly watch or even a garden party. They last forever and are just as iconic.
  13. amytude
    I saved for ten years for my first ostrich kelly , I put a little away at a time
    sometimes just putting 20 pounds into a jar
    It was worth it
    Your son is the most important thing
    and I too believe in Karma and your reap what you sow

    I have a lovely vintage black box calf kelly I totally adore and managed to get it for a really good price from a vintage online store in Paris, stick around the board and please post and let us know how things go
  14. Oh, I can't get a an "H" bag...not for ages yet! I just don't have the moola and my house needs fixin' up--I have BAD allergies and MUST remove the rugs in the place or else keep having bad asthma attacks..., you've got your priorities VERY straight too! I am sure the time and money you spend on your DS will be VERY well spent! Congrats to you for looking at the very best you can give to your children.

    I always love the "H" forum for it's laughs and the great gals (and guys! I didn't forget we have them here too! :smile: I get to chat with. I adore the excitement we gals share over a fellow tPFer finding their dream bag, or grail scarf. It's just so much more fun to share it with people who appreciate it as much as you do!

    So keep hanging with all of us. Membership isn't aquired by purchase! It's just in being here and sharing thoughts and joy with us all.

    So, :heart::heart::heart: to you, your family (and the rest of the tPF gang).
  15. I don't have an H (yet). I've always loved the iconic style, but just recently became able to afford anything from an H store. I'm dreaming of H, but I'm just having fun in this forum learning all I can. I think that your priorities are just perfect and I know that you'll treasure your Kelly even more when you realize what you had to go through to get it. Hugs!