Is there anyone else who thinks this is hilarious??

  1. So, I was looking through eBay and found that just about every single dentelle BV and speedy is listed as "For VIP only, limited release...extremely rare collectors item." Some people are asking over $2000 for the dentelle speedy. I just find this entertaining because the dentelle is in the LV boutiques, Neimans, Saks, and even on Eluxury right now. I also feel bad for people who might actually pay that much and believing these scandalous sellers :wtf:
  2. yeah you see that loads on some items like a speedy 25 thats "limited edition, only 900 made" well thats just one HUGE lie!

    Maybe the do it so that they can get more money??? but thats mostly on the fakes.

    Personally im not a big fan of the Dentelle line, but i suppose to somebody who dosn't know better they might snap it up thinking it is "Limited Edition" when its not. It seems almost like fraud in a way, because its not true!!!!!
  3. there was one Auth LV seller post her MONO Speedy 30 as VIP access only bag, b/c it's MIF, pfft
  4. crazy stuff!
  5. Heinous. The Style i haggard anyway.
  6. Seriously.
    If the people went to the store, they'd see them all over. At least in my store anyway..and you don't have to be any kind of VIC to get it.
  7. HAHAHA I got a Dentelle BH and speedy and I am SOOOO not a VIC, VIP or VI-anything! LOL
    That is scandalous. 900 made- rigggght. lol
    I waitlisted for it but then passed. I reconsidered and got them cause I thought I'd regret it later. Well, I still am not in love even after seeing them IRL. Crap. Too bad they aren't selling better on eBay! lol
    I think I just need to take a break from LV tho cause I've been that way about a few bags I just got including Azur. I'm getting my Ritas and then I think I'm gonna go Prada and Balenciaga for a while til I learn to appreciate my bags better. LOL