Is there anyone else out there

  1. who thinks that LV MONO is ostentatious? I don't know what has come over me - but mono is starting to look "show offy" to me - and of course I have a mono speedy I can't bring myself to use. Tell me I'm wrong.
  2. I can't really tell you you're wrong since that's your opinion, but if you feel it's show offy now, then use a different bag for awhile. One of my friends had stopped carrying her Manhattan PM for that reason but went back to it after a couple months because she realized she loved it so much.
    I think now people just know what the logo is and that's why it scares some people away. My mom carried her Speedy for about 8 years in the late 80s, early 90s and no one knew what it was the whole time she carried it. Now it's obvious since it has logos on it and because of celebrity overexposure.
    So I'd put it away for awhile and see if you feel the same way in a couple months. If so then maybe you can sell the Speedy and put the money towards an Epi or Suhali piece?
  3. No way, mono is classic - maybe you've just run into some show offy mono bag carriers !
  4. I do like the peace of mind that comes with carrying epi, but mono will be my first love :love:. I am more conscious, however, of the attention my bag gets if it's a mono piece. I don't think it's show-offy as much as it is popular right now.
  5. I understand what you're saying totally. I also have a mono speedy which I am very hesitant to use. Sometimes I also wonder if it is show-offy to use any kind of famous designer things at all even though I like them. The reason for my love of the mono line is I just like how it looks, I also love anything "Paris" because I love the city so much. What should we do??

  6. Suzy, I know exactly what you mean. I never thought I would bring myself in buying a monogram piece because of that very reason. I don't like to attract attention b/c of my purse. I enjoy my purse because I truly like it, looks good on me and definitely not because it's popular or because so-and-so wore it. Although I have to say being on tPF does have some influence on my choices! ;) . Recently, when I went to a local boutique to try out the bags, I bought my first-ever-monogram-anything piece! I love it, although I'm still getting use to wearing a monogram, i think it's cute and I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable carrying it.

  7. I just bought my first mono, but I carried my mothers a few times.
    The thing I didn't like about it, which may be another variation of you "show offy" is the judgements that people pass when they see it.
    Either insecurities or scoffs? I mean not everyone does, but the few people who do...I find it irritating.
    While I don't care what strangers think about me, I must say, it's annoying to have any judgement passed because of my own personal tastes.
    Whether it be mono canvas, lipstick, hair, shoes...whatever.

    So I think I'm trying to say, yeah. I get it! ;)
  8. Lately I've carrying more LVs without logo: damier, epi, mizi vienna and today I took out my suhali. I thought you were going to exchange the speedy? I agree with Lvbabydoll, carry something dif. for a while and then switch back to mono.
  9. Exchange was never an option, I bought it in Paris - I was thinking of selling but something is stopping me - It's an original made in Paris, bought in Paris speedy!!! I can't part with it and I don't use it. I'm a total geek. Maybe I'm finally realizing my taste leans more in an anonymous direction.
  10. its a simple classic no show off whatsoever use it :biggrin:
  11. I know exactly what you mean, that's why I only have one mono item (well 2 incl the super old wallet), and I don't wear it anymore. Just too conscious to wear it, find it too much. Too bad you can't exchange it to something more subtle.
  12. Don't sell it then! Keep it for your daughter!!!:idea:
  13. Just take a break from mono, you will miss it again. I did that before by carrying epi,vernis or damier and after while I will carry my mono again. It's normal, to me mono is still LV staple line.
  14. I think no one should even worry about what other people think about a bag or anything else you wear. If you personally love something (no matter who it's made by) then you wear it. Whatever your personal style or preferences you should wear what you love and hold your head up high!! To the people who stare and snicker......ignore them! That's not what it's about anyway!!
  15. I've never (even before I owned any) thought that the monogram was too "show-offy". I've always viewed the mono as a classic pattern, much like the burberry plaid. The damier and epi are less well-known, but anyone who knows a good bag knows all of the LV and other designer patterns.